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Attack of the Misc!

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All right, onto the misc!
  • I was outbid by $1 on a brand new Katadyn Ceradyn drip filter on E-Bay. The winning bid was $84, less than half of what you'd pay at most places. Nitro-Pak (the affiliate link to your right) sells them for $189. I know E-Bay has enacted even more tyrannical anti-gun policies as of late, but good deals are good deals, especially on preps.

  • Issue #1 of the popular black and white zombie comic The Walking Dead is available online at Imagecomics.com. Here is a link to Image Comics online comic section. The first issue starts off pretty uncreatively (main character wakes up from coma, finds zombies everywhere), but it gets good from there. I've read through a few of the Walking Dead trade paper backs during long layovers in the Atlanta airport, but it's been too long and too fast of reads to give them much of a review. What I've read was pretty good zombie stuff, but not for the young or faint of heart. Not exactly the most uplifting, inspiring comic either...

  • BackWoodsHome.com is an awesome resource for all kinds of S/P related articles. I spent about an hour reading through gun articles written by Masaad Ayoob...he's got me wanting a Colt 1911! I haven't done the exploring I need to on this site, but it looks great from what I've seen. I'll post more as I do...

  • Not super prep related, but PortableApps has all kinds of great portable programs. I've been using FireFox Portable for a year now and love it. USB drives are incredibly handy for use on the go--have all your files and programs handy at all times. I have encrypted scans of important personal documents on my USB drive, just in case.

  • DC is releasing a comic tie-in for I Am Legend. Interesting because Orson Scott Card is involved; I've liked a lot of Card's work in the past, so there's some good potential there. More details here.