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GlockTalk S&P Forum

There are a host of great Internet forums out there for preparedness-minded people, and the GlockTalk Survival/Preparedness Forum is one of the best. I probably check the boards there 3-4 times a day.

As it's a gun-related forum, the threads are often firearms related--which makes for a lot of good reading, in my book.

But, it's not all talk of "Which MBR should I get?" or "Pics of your Anti-Zombie Weaponry", there's all sorts of other topics related to Survival and Preparedness. One of my favorite threads from the past few days was about keeping Llama's as livestock; gotta love it.

The people @ the GlockTalk S/P forum are--from what I've seen--a very dedicated, knowledgeable bunch. They're also friendly and welcome newcomers, as long as you handle yourself well. If you're just getting into the whole "prepping" thing, you can learn a lot by just lurking and reading posts that interest you.

Note: Some may ask why I'd post a link to a fairly well-known forum in the S/P community. The answer is simple: We all have to start somewhere, and this blog aims to interest both preparedness "noobs" and seasoned veterans alike. Can't hurt to share good resources, can it?