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Fun & Random stuff

For those who haven't seen them, I thought I'd put in a plug for a few "newer" finds that I hadn't seen before.

SurvivalBlog's Retreat Owner profiles: I came across these earlier today from the link on SurvivalBlog's main page, and have admittedly only read through about half of them, but these are some very prepared people. Very interesting read, and we all enjoy fantasizing about what our perfect retreat/end of the world fortress would be. These profiles can give you a good look at exactly how prepared you'd like to be...pick up some ideas, set some goals, and work towards them. The profiles can be found here.

Note: Would there be an interest in profiles for the new or more urban prepared? Not everyone can, for whatever reason, relocate to a fortified, self sufficient retreat in the boonies, but that does mean they can't prepare and share their experiences with others.

Ray Mears: Hadn't heard of Ray Mears before spending some time in Europe this summer, but having seen several episodes of his various shows, I've been very impressed. Mears, a Brit, is a master of surviving in the wilds and making the best of it. His bushcraft skills and seemingly endless knowledge of wild edibles is most impressive. His shows do not operate on the pretense of him surviving on his own, like his contemporaries on Survivor Man and Man vs. Wild. Mears offers advice, demonstrates techniques, and relates survival stories without any of the acting/theatrics of Man vs. Wild, and without stranding himself in the middle of nowhere like Survivor Man. Mears is the real deal, and he doesn't need to prove it...there are some of his books/DVDs available on Amazon, some video clips on YouTube, or you can visit his website at RayMears.com. Ray Mears on Amazon.

Deal on Hydration Bladder: I've been hunting for a good deal on a CamelBak style hydration bladder for a long time, and finally found one from Blackhawk.com's clearance section. I know many aren't fans of Blackhawk and their high-levels of marketing hype, but I've had good experiences with them so far, and this was too good of a deal for me to pass up. I haven't seen it yet, so it may be a piece of useless trash, but I'm hoping it turns out good. It looks pretty good, though. I'll post a review in a few weeks when...I'm not affiliated with Blackhawk at all, so if it's steaming llama crap, I'll let you know. They've also got some other good deals on packs, if you're looking for something for your BOB/GHB.

Monster Attack: J.J. Abrams, creator of one of my favorite shows (Lost) is brewing up a monster/disaster flick, currently referred to as 1-18-08, the film's release date. Check out the teaser here. I'm not usually a fan of giant monster movies, but Abrams is talented and the teaser looks promising!

I Am Legend: Old news, but I thought I'd pass along the link to the trailer for I Am Legend, the third film from the book of the same name--Omega Man being one of them. See my review of Omega Man here. I think Arnold Schwarzenegger was originally intended for the starring role, but I think Will Smith can handle it. The trailer looks very good...hope it delivers!

E-Bay: For those bargain hunting, check E-Bay. I just got a nice, brand new headlamp for about half of what I would pay elsewhere. Deals-a-plenty to be had! And then there's fun stuff like this. Be careful with E-Bay though, especially when selling--I've been screwed in the past!

Nito-Pak Affiliate: We've added Nitro-Pak as an affiliate. Click on the link to the right, order something, and we get a cut of the action...sounds good to me! You know you want to order a year's supply of MRE's!

Survivalist Blog: Added a link to Survivalist Blog, they've got some good stuff over there!