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Ferguson: Some things to think about...

With the happenings in Ferguson top o' mind, a few things to think about...

The police officer (Darren Wilson), whether it is determined to be a good shoot or not, has pretty much had his life thrown in the blender. He's had to bug out from his home, take the family and into hiding while the shooting is investigated. He's been the target of hacking attacks, had personal info dumped onto the 'web and received who knows how many death threats. If at the end of this, he's cleared of wrong doing, he'll still have to live his life as a pariah.

A private citizen could face similar circumstances (see: Zimmerman), and without whatever protection/resources available to a police officer in a situation like this. Your name and info would be out in the media within hours. You'd potentially be in police custody while your family freaks out at home.

"Kids"? Matching red a coincidence?

While we've seen store owners standing guard over their businesses with ARs and AKs in hand (or both, in this guy's case), more have left their businesses to be looted, trashed and burned.


Your initial reaction might be to question why these shop owners wouldn't take up arms like the others to protect their businesses and livelihood?

But, take a step back. If you were to shoot a looter or two trying to loot your store, how quickly might you find yourself the target of violent backlash and legal action? Violence against you and your family, potential jail time (state laws vary wildly on using force to protect property), thousands in legal fees...not pretty.

Naa, that's is why you get good insurance. Shut it down, board it up, take pictures of your inventory/equipment and set up some web cams. Call the cops if/when the looters start smashing and grabbing. Record the call, just in case.

If there's no threat to your life or the safety of customers...let 'em torch the place. Then, the insurance company will cut you a check and you can set up shop somewhere safer and less riot prone...Avoid the potential violence, threats, legal entanglement, and get paid to relocate elsewhere. Smart move.

Finally, if you've got friends/family who are (still) oblivious to how quickly the thin veneer of law & order can fracture, here's (another) wake up call.

Not two or three weeks ago, my wife and I had a long chat with a friend about prepping, gun ownership, etc. A good chunk of that was talking about what happened post-Katrina--the rampant looting, lawlessness and general lack of police intervention for many days afterwards--as an example of what has happened in the U.S. in recent history. That seemed to be news to her.

Many people are just too busy working and raising their families to pay a whole lot of attention to what's happening elsewhere. A well timed nudge can be helpful.

Now it's your turn--have the current events caused you to re-think any of your plans or change priorities?


  1. PineslayerAugust 19, 2014

    I agree a lot of people are too busy to keep up with current news. Unfortunately, IMO, more people just don't want to hear about the bad stuff. They are either too weak and can't handle the truth or too worried that they would have to change the way they think or spend their time, and that takes energy. It is just easier to watch 'Dancing With the Stars' and buy a lottery ticket.

    When we watch how quickly a community can start burning due to one thing, is it so crazy to be prepared to defend your family?

  2. Part of me is right there with the armed store owners, people shouldn't have to sit back while thugs loot and pillage, people should be able to stand up against these thugs; however, logic kicks in like you said, the stuff in the store isn't worth your life (be it literally or not) and it's a lose-lose situation as if you did shoot a looter in defense of property or life, you would probably be slammed by the justice department for civil rights violations for starters.
    This situation is definitely one we can learn from, it's made me rethink about when I would bug-out and such.

  3. It appears our Capt. Johnson does not know a blood gang member when he sees one or two or few standing in front of him. Heck did he not grow up in that hood! Capt. Johnson is that type of cop everyone warns you about. He is a politician's cop. Him going to the memorial for Brown was over the top and then he said he was going home to his "black" son who wears baggy pants, crooked hat, and tattoos and hug him. Capt. Johnson you might want to double check and make sure your son is not in any of the looting videos first!

    Oh how is that hug/hope and change working out for you Capt. Johnson? Kind of looks like Ferguson PD and Saint Louis County PD were handling the riots correctly in the first place. After all the State Police are now employing the same exact tactics and the NG to boot.

  4. The masked one on the left with the sunglass and long hair look a lot like the guy seen on video from last night crawling through the window of the store where his buddy was shooting into the store. Maybe you can post a still photo from that incident.

  5. Taking the insurance money and starting over is a smart move. However, if this was my independent business that I have worked hard to build, located with my family in my own less than prosperous neighborhood, and my insurance was not so great (who can afford good insurance these days?), I would definitely be defending it. Plus, if I have been a good business to the neighborhood, then I might have a few friends to help me out. I don't think that a lot of us who read this blog would really be the types to take the money and run. If you are emotionally attached to a neighborhood, it definitely would be a lot harder to leave it.

    That being said, I think the whole Ferguson Situation has brought to the forefront how fragile civilized life can be. Six bullets, whether right or wrong, have ruined a lot of lives and property. Still, most people who suffer from "Not in my backyard!" syndrome will continue to stand in the dark. With that said, Thank you Alex for the great blog.

  6. The problem with insurance is a lot of policies exclude coverage for riots, civil unrest, and war.