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On Ferguson...

8/18 Update: National Guard has been called out to assist in quelling the violence.

A preliminary autopsy requested by the family of Mike Brown has found he was shot 6 times, all shots fired from the front and at a distance, not that he was shot in the back while fleeing or shot in the back of the head at close range as some have alleged.

There are at least two other autopsies being performed (one ordered by Holder/DOJ), forensics and other details we're all still waiting on.

Ridiculous but not too surprising cluster going on in the welcoming town of Ferguson, MO these days.

Cop shoots thug - he was stopped for stopping traffic by walking down the middle of the street and then resisted arrest, probably went for the officer's handgun and ended up shot dead.

Whether it was a good shoot, accidental shooting or a bad shoot...we don't know at this point. Officer is put on admin leave, shooting being investigated. If he murdered the kid, he should deservedly face the consequences.

Bored, bitter and entitled within the community see this as an excuse to freak out, riot, smash and loot themselves some free liquor and candy.

No one is particularly surprised by this...we've seen it before. There are gangs of bored criminal types just looking for an excuse to loot and plunder.

One of their buddies gets shot? Lootin' time!

Of course, the riot cops show up to protect local businesses and law abiding citizens. That's their job. Tear gas, rubber bullets...yep, if you're NOT looting and smashing, you don't usually have to worry about those hazards.

Enter the media. By and large, the media in this country sucks. They dislike the police, the military and to an extent, America and what it stands for. They don't understand any of them.

Reporters have a handful of standard themes that they report about the military or law enforcement - and abuse of power is their favorite.

They're in it for ratings. They're in it for money. Officer shoots suspected robber during struggle doesn't do much for the ratings. Cop executes church-going young man in broad daylight sure does.

So, media takes the side of the looters. They take the word of this dude (friend of the thug who was shot edited: and admitted accomplice in the robbery that happened minutes before)...

Over that of the local law enforcement. And make the situation worse.

Don't get me wrong. From accounts, it sounds like the police have handled things badly. But you go into a community of hundreds of pissed off, entitled thugs rioting, throwing rocks, and then you try to keep your cool.

So, media reports about abuse of power. Interweb and D.C. freak out. Riot cops get pulled back.

Highway patrol (???) gets pulled in. Cops seem to be ordered to stay away from the mobs, letting them run amok to avoid 'inciting' anything more.

Realizing that the police are no longer around, the looters goes back to looting...

via Reuters.
And business owners and law abiding citizens are largely left to defend themselves. We've seen this before.

From the local news station:

A reporter from the [local] station tweeted that police cars were seen driving past some of the stores being looted and did not respond. It rained in Ferguson Friday night and protesters could be seen outside until 6 a.m.

Two store owners, standing outside their business holding guns, told Fox2Now.com that when they called 911, they were sent from one police agency to another, and got no response.

One of the owners, with a large black gun resting on his shoulder, told the station that police were lined up blocks from the looting, and did not engage looters making off with large boxes from these stores.

"There's no police," he said. "We trusted the police to keep it peaceful; they didn't do their job."

Anyone surprised by this? Frustrating? Yes. Surprising? No. We've seen it more than a few times.

The situation is just more evidence of what happens rapidly when law and order break down, and one of the many reasons why law abiding citizens should be well armed to protect their family and property.

You can't count on the cops. This is a few days of some intermittent rioting, casual looting and racial tension. Doesn't take much imagination to think about what things would be like were the situation worse.

8/16 Update:

Here's some photos and story of what happened Friday night.

Apparently two groups amongst the crowds in Ferguson. Peaceful protestors and looters. Looting breaks out, peaceful protestors try to stand in front of/protect local businesses. Pretty cool.

Lots of stories of looters turning violent. Chasing reporters. Threatening to get guns and come back to fight their way through lines of protestors protecting shops.

State of emergency and a midnight to 5am curfew declared tonight. We'll see what how well that works.

And, sounds like it's not going to go over very well.

"Imposing this curfew is justification now for more people to be murder! Watch it's gonna happen! People are going die."

8/17 Update:

Most of the crowd dispersed peacefully last night, but a group stuck around to tangle with the police and defy the curfew.

After multiple warnings from police, they ended up getting the tear gas treatment. Shots fired from the crowd. One person apparently shot and in critical condition...and this person was not shot by police. (Update: Apparently the person shot Saturday night was a reporter, shot by one of the protestors).

From the local news:

One person shot, a police car hit by gun-fire, and seven arrests as police enforced the governor’s new curfew.   Police fired smoke bombs and tear gas at protesters who didn’t want to leave after the midnight curfew rolled around.  Police got reports of people on the roof at Red’s Barbecue.  Then they saw a man in the street with a gun and they found a man shot in the neck, critically hurt.  That is when the SWAT Team came in.

Police tried to move back the crowd with smoke bombs and tear gas to try to get to the shooting victim.  By the time police got to the scene near Red’s the victim was already gone.  He was taken to the hospital in a private car.
Authorities arrested seven people for failing to disperse the area around.  At around 1am it appeared that police had removed all of the protesters.

Meanwhile, a family friend of the police officer calls into a radio show with what she claims is the officer's side of things:


And a taped account from the scene has emerged that seems to confirm this story. Still all conjecture, but makes more sense than the random execution in broad daylight in front of numerous witnesses.


Groups of protestors continue to flock to Ferguson. Mobs continue to destroy their own community. Violence breaking out elsewhere. We'll see what tonight holds, but over the past couple of days have sent race relations back a couple decades over this madness.

Meanwhile, Obama is, of course, on vacation...

And some truth, sanity and hilarity for your evening:


  1. thug? everybody knows you mean nigger, so why not be man enough to use the word you intend?

    1. also, the "thug" you describe was surrendering with his hands in the air per witnesses when he was shot in the back multiple times.

    2. Naa. Man, I mean thug. I could care less about the color of his skin, it's behavior that counts.

      Dude robbed a convenience store not 5 minutes before...I'd say thug is a fair descriptor.

      Also, you don't know me, who I am or what I have done either. I spent a year of my life helping folks in communities similar to Ferguson - inner city projects and the like.

      Also - if the cop murdered the kid, then let him rot in jail. No excuse to loot and riot.

    3. ferguson police chief says that the officer who murdered mike brown (at least be a man and say the victim's name) was not responding to the robbery. mike brown was targeted because he was walking down the street, instead of the sidewalk. can one possibly imagine a more arbitrary and capricious abuse of state power? I sure can't.

      I don't need to know you to know that what you wrote is hateful, racist language. I don't give a rip what you did on your Mormon mission, but know that your church wouldn't even admit black people to it's congregations until the 1970's. trees, apples, etc.

      I don't need to know you to see that you're worshipping the power of the state to murder and subjugate citizens. that you think that police who act in brutal ways deserve to be confronted and contained.

      I don't need to know you to see that you cherry picked details to support your predetermined conclusion. did you think that your readers would universally agree with your mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging assumptions about ferguson? are you that rigid in your thinking?

      I don't need to know you to see that you prefer that the 1st amendment and it's grant of right to assemble was clearly disregarded by white town leaders who would have just preferred that black people not complain when members of their community were clearly murdered.

      there has been universal condemnation by all spectrums of politicians from rand paul to Bernie sanders. the only people who are silent are statists who think the color of their skin, or their social class will buy them a different brand of treatment then that afforded to the poorest or darkest.

    4. You know what's tiresome? When people condemn others for being "judgemental/racist" when in fact they are just doing the same thing. You don't actually know him, get off your high horse thinking you know what everyone is about with your "I don't need to know you" crap because I'm God. That's the biggest problem in America, people thinking they can judge others for being bigots and not realize they are doing the same thing-especially by adding that his religion was to blame for his so called racism. SOOO annoying. Come on people! You know what you should do? Not read his blog anymore. (I hope you just deleted his blog from your memory. Eat a cookie now. It will make you feel better.)

      Anyways, what I think he was TRYING to say was that it's pretty ridiculous that all the low life's show up after something like this happens thinking this is their chance to get what they want and loot. How is this helping the boy's family? How is this helping the community change for the better? It's teaching those looter's kids, nieces, nephews that this is what you do when you think you've been wronged. It's perpetuating the problem. It's all ridiculous. For heaven's sake, the President of the United States is black! He's the commander in chief! We're not in the same country we were in before. People need to have more faith in their community and their elected leaders, rather than looting as a way show power. It's just sad that this sort of thing still happens, and will most likely continue to happen. What is even more sad is that the local police were too cowardly to come out and protect store owners for fear of media/political backlash if say they had to use force on the looters. And to think, people want no guns in America. What will happen when the police won't be there to protect you? You better get your pocket knife out Jimmy, because apparently the police are a block away watching from afar.

      Now, give someone a hug and serve your community!

    5. what he was trying to say? that's cute, but not more cute than when people apply moral relativism to excuse their atrocious victim blaming.

      the reality is that he convicted the murder victim Mike Brown in his first paragraph and attempted to justify murder on the part of the police because the VICTIM had the audacity to walk in the street. then, he derided all the witnesses as thugs because they weren't wearing closely cropped hair styles and freshly pressed shirts.

    6. The more you post, the more you reveal your hate, man.

      Seriously - dismissing someone's actions and judging them based on their religion?

      Assuming the police officer is a racist murdering bastard because...he's a white police officer?

      We don't know. Sounds like an accidental shoot to me. It hasn't gone to trial yet and all we have is media statements by Mike Brown's friends, likely coached by lawyers.

      I called Mike Brown a thug in the first paragraph. He'd literally JUST robbed a convenience store, assaulted the owner and was stopping traffic by walking down the middle of the street.

      Then he - even in the accounts of his friends - resisted arrest.

      Thuggish, criminal behavior, no? Never said it was a justifiable shooting.

      I am all for the right of assembly. You might want to read up on it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freedom_of_assembly

      "The United States Constitution explicitly provides for 'the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances'" in the First Amendment."

      If the police are violently dispersing groups of peaceful protesters...that's a bad thing. Same thing with arresting reporters without cause. That's what Rand Paul is decrying. And you'll note that I mentioned the local LEO haven't handled things well. They haven't. They've done a crappy job.

      But I'm not talking about peaceful assembly here, am I? I'm decrying the looting, rioting and so on that's going on...again, thuggish, criminal behavior.

      Seems to happen often in situations like these. Sorry if that's a soft spot for you. When it does happen, it's embarrassing for the vast majority in these communities who are decent law abiding people.

      And from accounts, it looks like many of the people who are trying to peacefully protest the situation are embarrassed by and unhappy with the rioting and looting going on. Reports say locals intervened to stop some of the looting last night.

      Good for them.

    7. So if thug=nigger does that mean there aren't White thugs? What about Asian thugs? Hispanic thugs?

  2. It's not really the job of the police department to protect your stuff.
    Their job is to arrest lawbreakers.
    You'll notice which store was NOT looted ?
    The store whose owner stood there with a "large black gun resting on his shoulder".

    1. But, they were breaking the law by stealing...so technically they are lawbreakers.

    2. Yeah, you're right, but what I meant was that it's not the job of the PD to form a human wall to protect your stuff, as I gather that some shop owners were expecting... While cops often do this, it's not required that they lay down their life for your store.

      Not trying to hammer the cops or the shop owners, just pointing out that, like my Mom told me all those years ago, if you want something done right, you need to do it yourself, like the guy with the big ol' gun over his shoulder was apparently doing.

  3. Just an observation we must all be wary of the fact that even someone or group close around us in what we think is a like minded group (IE:this blog) can turn with violent language and given close proximity maybe even actions. Lesson learned one must always beware of ones surroundings.

  4. True. And the interweb is a public place, and people can try to assume whatever meaning/motive behind what someone writes.

    On the other hand, I don't think we should cower in fear from decrying criminal behavior (looting, rioting, robbery, assault), knee jerk 'he was murdered by the police because he was black!' reactions, or the media throwing the police under the bus for trying to maintain law and order in a chaotic situation.

  5. I think there is some logic missing from some of the posts above. Lets say we don't think about the robbery 5 min earlier. We put ourselves in the mind of a police officer, as the situation was described above by another poster.

    You are a police officer. You see a guy walking down the middle of the street. You get out. You tell him to stop. He walks off. You shoot him in the back.

    What? Does that story make any logical sense?

    Oh! But the officer is racist! Of course he would shoot someone and it would not make sense!

    Except that there are plenty of racist people, even police officers, and they manage to not shoot people for walking down the middle of the street. What happens when you shoot someone? Investigations, paperwork, and occasionally, riots. Actual racist people find more subtle ways to be racist.

    Police officers draw there weapon for a reason. Usually a very good reason. Usually because they are experiencing a threat to their own lives or there is a threat to someone else's life. Since Mike Brown was shot, there is likely a VERY good reason for it. More than just "racism." If an investigation shows wrongful conduct on the part of the police officer, then let him face punishment. Let the law do what it is supposed to do.

    Lastly, I'd like the poster above to explain, exactly, how Mike Brown getting shot justified days and days of riots and looting. I can understand protests. I can understand vigils. I can understand peaceable assembly. But I still can't figure out how "Mike Brown gets shot = Time to loot stores," stores likely owned by people of the same race as Mike Brown.

    Instead of getting back at police, they decide to hurt those members of the community who have worked hard and tried to do something with their lives.


  6. jeepboy1991August 17, 2014

    Been watching this develop with some dread, being trapped (for the next month at least, if not longer) in Houston Texas at the M.D. Anderson cancer center (acute lymphocytic leukemia, being treated with a bone marrow transplant....damm unpleasant process, I don't remember 3 weeks of it I was so sedated). all my preps are 3 hours by car (under normal conditions) away.
    I don't have so much as a sidearm available. I hope things don't blow up for a while.

    However, The "witness" who said he was surrendering is the accomplice in the robbery by assault of the liquor store, has admitted on tv that the 2 of them robbed the store(with his lawyer sitting beside him) and there is a video on youtube( I do not have the link, sorry, I didn't bookmark it Friday when I saw it) that shows the thug's body and has very faint in the background two people discussing what happened. Now some will call this racist but you can tell the race and nationality of a person SOMETIMES just by hearing their voice(inflection, word choice and order, and other things you may not be consciously aware of. ) The two sound like "boyz from the 'hood" in speech and word usage. One of them is describing to the other what he saw happen and says (I'm paraphrasing here, not quoting) and then he charged the cop and the cop shot him. Now the "witnesses" seen on the mainstream media have given contradictory statements (not really unexpected for true eyewitnesses, such testimony is notorious for being unreliable, there have been many studies showing this) but some have said he was shot in the back, others say he was surrendering with his hands up and the cop just shot him(in which case he could NOT have been shot in the back). I wish there was some dashcam footage available but apparently the police vehicle didn't have one.
    This sets up an explainable scenario. The thug (Mike Brown) has just committed a "Robbery by Assault" (a felony I believe) and not for the first time based on how casually he does so. HE knows he has done so even if the cop does not. Thus when the cop tries to stop him, he thinks the cop is about to "pinch" him for the crime, so he decides to fight the cop. Many cops have been killed performing routine traffic violation stops where the person stopped was fleeing from a crime or was "on the run" and thought the cop had them and fought and killed the officer.
    The New Black Panthers have gotten involved and are calling for the death of the officer for "murdering" a brother, just like they offered $10,000 bounty for anyone to kill George Zimmerman and drag his dead body in to them (remember the "wanted dead or alive" poster one of them waved around in Florida?) That is the felony crime of Solicitation of Murder if you or I did it.
    I REALLY hope this blows over and things stabilize at least long enough for me to get done with this cancer treatment and get home to my preps.

  7. jeepboy1991August 17, 2014

    dang, got lucky. someone posted a story about the video I was talking about on another news site.
    Here is the link

    and here is the transcript of the conversation in the video.
    From the story:
    The original video poster appears sympathetic to the narrative that Mike Brown was shot unarmed with his hands in the air. But he unknowingly picks up conversation between a man who saw the altercation and another neighbor.

    #1 How’d he get from there to there? #2 Because he ran, the police was still in the truck – cause he was like over the truck {crosstalk} #2 But him and the police was both in the truck, then he ran – the police got out and ran after him {crosstalk} #2 Then the next thing I know he doubled back toward him cus - the police had his gun drawn already on him – #1. Oh, the police got his gun #2 The police kept dumpin on him, and I’m thinking the police kept missing – he like – be like – but he kept coming toward him {crosstalk} #2 Police fired shots – the next thing I know – the police was missing #1 The Police? #2 The Police shot him #1 Police? #2 The next thing I know … I’m thinking … the dude started running … (garbled something about “he took it from him”) This is terribly important because if Mike Brown had been shot, and he advanced towards the cop instead of surrendering, it would substantiate the narrative that the policeman shot in self-defense due to the fact that he was being threatened with severe bodily harm.

    1. A friend of the officer's family called in to a radio show and have an account that matches the above. Officer tried to stop Brown, struggle ensued. Brown retreated, cop drew handgun and ordered brown to surrender. Brown taunted officer, the charged. Officer fired multiple times without a stop, finally having to move to a headshot.

      Officer was apparently alone, outnumbered and injured in the initial struggle.

      Account also corroborates with the initial story from police, and sure seems a lot more plausible than a random race fueled execution in broad daylight in, in front of multiple witnesses.

      Can't get link to the radio call, will post later unless someone beats me to it.

    2. so, you parrot the call in radio show third-hand information of a friend of the officer who killed an unarmed teenager, but won't accept at face value the statements of the actual witnesses of the offense? so, if you're a black witness, you've obviously been coached by attorneys, but if you're a white friend of a white cop, you're speaking the truth!!!!!!!

      are you effin' kidding me?

    3. Give me a break - one of the accounts we're talking about is coming from a black man who was an eye witness to the shooting, recorded on tape shortly after the shooting, before the media, New Black Panther Party and social justice squad swept in.

      If you'd step back and stop trying so desperately to look for a hate crime and trying to throw down the race card, you'd see that - while it's still all conjecture at this point - this is the most logical and likely scenario that has been put forward.

      But that's not going to happen, is it? Your mind is made up, your heart so full of hate and bitterness that you're only capable of knee jerk, emotional and illogical responses.

      I'm done giving your racist trolling a platform. Take it elsewhere.

  8. This situation is a prime example of why preparing for a "rainy day" is a damn good idea.

  9. Sa Ho,

    The Chief never said his officer murdered anyone. Get your facts straight. Your 6'5" 295 lbs co-thug attacked a police officer. If anyone here was being beaten by someone that big, they would rightful be in fear for their life. As far as your usage of the English language "Sa Ho" is as disrespectful to women as the "n" word is to blacks. So learn a little respect for others and maybe they will give a little back.

  10. Radio show call-in with what is claimed to be the officer's side of the story:

  11. Love this statement from Sa Ho:

    "I don't need to know you to see that you cherry picked details to support your predetermined conclusion"

    Predetermined conclusions. Is that not what your doing by call the cop a murder. You do not know the facts of this case. The problem you do not want justice you want revenge. If the FBI and Justice Dept determine it was a just shoot you will say it is a cover up. You are an angry black man who blame others for your failures, but that is not your fault because the left has told you all your life you where a victim.

    Also I watched your youtube video that is how I know your a black male, before you start throwing around the race card again. Also I increased your views by 50% by watching it.

  12. Alex I am the Anonymous poster that led with "Just an observation" above I hope you did not think I was referring to you I agree with you 100%. I was shocked by Sa Ho's statements.

    And you are rite as to the cowering I find my self mad at my self many times for automatically cowering when I should take a stand, I think years of brain washing has taken its toll sometimes I reflect back and think like Eddy " I am mad as **** and not going to take it anymore" Then the P C training retakes control and I am back to "if you can call it normal"

  13. Nothing says justice like a free flat screen.

  14. Wow, a real, live troll !! I've never seen one of those here before !! :-)

  15. So...uh..slow fews days in the prepping world..eh?

    1. Yup, things pretty quiet at home and abroad.

  16. Talking as a black, female from Canada, I think people need t o take a step back and wait for some hard facts to come out. Right now it is all speculation from all sides with the media sensationalizing it to sell headlines. I refuse to base an opinion purely on those who claim racism, as was previously stated before, most racist are subtle but then again some are quite overt. We need to stay claim and wait for real police reports to come out, no matter what they say.
    On the other hand looting and vandalism is never a good thing. It hurts the community and that’s a very big tragedy.


    1. Totally agree - they state is following standard procedures and doing an extra thorough investigation. If they determine the shooting wasn't clear cut justified, charges will be pressed. That's the 'justice' the mobs claim to be after.

      But, those doing the looting, rioting and attacking police and protestors don't really care about justice, Mike Brown or their community. They're out for free loot and to vent their frustrations, destroying their community in the process.

      How many of those smashed and looted businesses will stay re-open after this calms down? How many of the decent, law abiding people in Ferguson will give up and move elsewhere?

    2. Amen! I wish the tv media would cover more of both sides of the story and try to get the facts out. I have lots of questions that they never seem to ask-just brush under the rug in the quick attempt to get back to whatever will incite people more which is usually hate mongering reporting. Now anything that comes out of an investigation is going to be 'false or made up and justice will not be done again'

  17. But, But, he was shot in the back.... Oh wait. Guess not.

    So sick of the mentality. Let's make our crappy neighborhood worse because we don't like it here.

    So now it sucks more.

    If I'm killed by a police officer, I want everyone to loot a home depot, so at least they might have a chance of making their neighborhood better with the crap they steal.