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Meanwhile, elsewhere in the world...

And while we're distracted by the antics in Ferguson...

In Iraq, ISIS has been massacring Christians

Mosul, Iraq's second-largest city, is the "first cradle of Christianity in Iraq," Habash said.

But after Islamic militants seized the city on June 10, Arabic letters with a chilling ultimatum were left at the homes of Iraqi Christians.

"The letter said that if you don't convert or if you don't pay, there is a sword between you and us, meaning execution." 
ISIS has been targeting Christians specifically and slaughtering them in horrific ways...crucifixion, be-headings, murdering whole families - done out of pure hatred and for shock value. We're only hearing bits and pieces reported back by the media.

They're also massacring other non-Muslim minorities:

Militants in northern Iraq have massacred at least 80 men from the Yazidi faith in a village and abducted women and children, reports say.

"He told me that the Islamic State had spent five days trying to persuade villagers to convert to Islam and that a long lecture was delivered about the subject today," said the villager.  

"He then said the men were gathered and shot dead. The women and girls were probably taken to [the city of] Tal Afar because that is where the foreign fighters are."


U.S. forces are launching airstrikes in Iraq to help loosen ISIS' hold on the northern part of the country...

U.S. airstrikes helped Kurdish and Iraqi forces retake the unstable Mosul dam. The Kurdish Peshmerga are the best, most organized fighting force in Iraq. And they have cool technicals, too.
Hope they can push ISIS back, quickly.

And as of last week, Max Velocity is trying to get a trip to Kurdistan together to roll in and kick some ass.

And civil war still rages in in Ukraine...

On Monday, Ukrainian officials said a refugee convoy of several vehicles was displaying white flags as it traveled through an area where intense fighting had taken place. The buses were hit by rockets and mortars, the officials said, leaving some of the occupants, including women and children, to burn to death. The officials said dozens of people who had left the besieged rebel-held city of Luhansk were killed, though an exact death toll wasn't available. Source.


  1. From what little I've seen of the Kurdish fighters, they seem like the best hope against ISIS if they are supported by US airstrikes and such. As a christian, the news of the threats and massacres in Iraq hits home, but it doesn't surprise me considering Sharia law.

  2. May have a little trouble in his plans if not approved by State!

  3. So.....Woodland Guy and Safari Hat Guy look exceptionally......oh, I don't know....western?

    "We never had this conversation. You never saw us."

  4. Incompetence, apathy, hubris and the belief that one is of the “Intellectual Class” and therefore knows what is best despite all the fact and truth to the contrary has spawned turmoil, suffering, misery, despair and laid fertile soil for murderers, despots, tyrants and all manner of evil and depravity to flourish. The blood of thousands of U.S military personnel and the treasure of their nation have been spilled and spent for naught. Like Hitler pounding his fist on a table deep within the F├╝hrerbunker ordering divisions of the Wehrmacht that exist only on paper to attack, one can only deny reality for so long before being overtaken by it.

  5. “And as of last week, Max Velocity is trying to get a trip to Kurdistan together to roll in and kick some ass.”

    Took a look at Max V’s idea (“So, let’s assume that we are deploying for some sort of operational mentor and liaison (OMLT) role”) and was pretty amazed, in a bad way. He had better do A LOT of preplanning, International Law research and vetting before engaging. Unless the U.S. government hires his group to do some of the things he is talking about as part of a brokered agreement with the foreign county’s government, the idea is extremely dangerous. "Security Groups" like Blackwater existed in Iraq as U.S. Government contractors under the protection of the U.S. Government and granted immunity from prosecution under local laws by contractual agreement. These groups were only allowed to carry weapons and use deadly force in self-defense, never as an offensive force. Americans entering a foreign country with small arm and other weapons, regardless of the reason, would likely be viewed as any other foreign fighter entering the fray there.

    Go it alone or privately funded without direct, explicit involvement of and under contractual agreement with the U.S. Government and these well intentioned men and women could quickly find themselves charged as criminals, tried in local courts and subjected to local punishments. Without direct U.S. Government participation, these outstanding men and women could easily be viewed as rebel fighters, terrorists or worse by a local government. Their well-intentioned plan, distorted and politicized by local politicians or military personnel, and their mission and efforts portrayed as no different as that of the ISIS.

    Imagine this same plan that Max V is talking about but going into Mexico to stop narco-terroist from killing people in border towns. Imagine a “humanity” effort into Mexico to help locals and protect them. It would last all of 2 hours before the Federal Police arrested everyone and threw them in prison. You may say, well the government is corrupt in Mexico and I agree. It is also corrupt in many places where Max V purposes to go. I am no fan of the fat and overreaching U.S. Government, but go into Iraq or any other country anywhere to provide humanitarian efforts, armed or not, and you can quickly find yourself up sh!t creek without the U.S. Government backing you up.

    All in all, Max V’s heart is in the right place and I would be first one to sign up to help. That said without pre-negotiated contractual agreements and all of this done through the U.S. Government, you would be a nobody in a foreign land with no help or recourse and a government (U.S.) unwilling to help or moderate on your behalf.

    1. Agreed with your concerns. I believe Max is going through proper channels (gov), versus just loading up a chartered plane with guns and ammo and dropping into the Iraqi desert expendables style. To do otherwise would invite all manner of trouble.

    2. Great concept though. Sort of like a Red Cross but with muscle. Maybe that is what we need in this new world order...humanity and kindness given to those in need with the right hand while the left keeps the wolf at bay (or laid to rest).

  6. Truly horrific. But unfortunately ISIS shows the futility of the US using its military save the entire planet Earth from bad guys. The very moment we leave evil will show up again and the artificial status quo we established will crumble. We end up making all kinds enemies, inflict all kinds of collateral damage, look like imperialists to the rest of the world, waste trillions of dollars, and most importantly destroy the lives of countless soldiers and their families. Sorry to say it, but there's no question Iraq and its people would be much much better off if Saddam was still in power. No question about it. He was a horrible villain and a tyrant but at least he maintained order--and for some of these areas some semblance order is the best you can hope for. We'll see what we can do from the air and hopefully some of Iraq's neighbors will step in and clean up the mess we made. If these regions are going to reform they gotta do it themselves. The notion that you can spread real freedom and liberty by forcing people to adopt it is an oxymoron.