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Sub ~$500 AR?

Anyone else like to shop around and see how cheap you can build an AR for?

Palmetto State has some deals on right now...
Which my math has at $496...

Of course, factor in shipping and FFL transfer, and you're over $500. You'll probably want a rear sight like the MBUS, which will add another $50. A cheap-o UTG would be half that.

If you go polymer...
$467...would probably get you the rifle w/ shipping and a $25 FFL for under $500.

Not that you should cheap out on a homestead defense rifle, but there are some pretty good deals to be had these days.


  1. I just got done building one and it just cost me a little over $500. Most of the stuff came from PSA. Just watched for sales. Snagged the lower back in the middle of the gun scare at what I thought was a deal at $130. LPK was $40. Blackhawk stock kit for $26. Tapco SAW style grip was under $10 and PSA Black Friday complete PTAC upper for $280 shipped. And I ended up with the same UTG sight but I think I got a slightly better deal somewhere online. Definitely not a safe queen, but seems to go bang every time with no issues.

  2. Is PSA reliable to order from? I hear horror stories from other internet companies n am always leary of ordering anything. Seems PSA any part i want is always out if stock.

    1. I have ordered a few things from PSA and never had a problem, but that is a sample size of one. I wouldn't hesitate to order from them again though.

  3. Get on their email daily deals list. I did have a longer then normal wait on the LPK. The only issue I had with PSA was they aren't quick to reply to email inquiry's about orders. They do seem to be out of stock on a lot of things. The other big plus I thought their shipping rates were reasonable compared to other online vendors I looked at.

  4. I ordered a lower parts kit from psa
    Took them 3 weeks to ship it and thats after
    2 emails -no response and 2 phone calls
    Just my experience

    1. 3 weeks is not unreasonable, especially if it was during the panic of 2013. They advise on wait times; they can be very high volume, so don't expect a lot of hand holding on order status.