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You Took Away Tomorrow - Chapter 16: Change of Plans

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Chapter 16: Change of Plans

Barry slung the katana He-Man style across his back and then quickly repacked his duffle.
“All righty. I’m not going to dilly-dally ‘round here too long, so if your crew is going to come with me to my property, you’ll need to make up your minds pretty quick. I’ve got power, running water, a machine shop, a mountain of ammo and plenty of land—been working on it for 30 years. You probably won’t find a better place to kick back and watch the world end.”
Jack and Kyle looked at each other. Their answer was clear. Jack didn’t feel entirely comfortable making an executive decision for the whole group, but knew that after all of the back and forth, the decision would still be the same.
“Ya man, of course we’ll come with you. We’ll pull our own weight, too—we’ve got a paramedic, a big ol’ Texan linebacker and Kyle here is a combination pit fighter and MacGyver,” Jack said with a grin.
“Hell, we’ve even got an accountant,” Kyle joked.
Barry scowled mockingly.
“I don’t think I’ll need to do my taxes this year, but they’re welcome anyways.”

They moved out of the backroom, onto the floor of the shop, Rambo trotting happily behind. Barry scanned the gun racks, letting out a sigh.
“Like I figured—plundered all the evil black rifles and space guns. Oh well, they left us some good stuff. Have at it and take whatever you want—but if the ATF asks, tell ‘em I had ya fill out paperwork for everything,” Barry said with a chuckle.
Jack scanned over the shop. He and Kyle did not have a ton of room in either of their vehicles and they were already loaded down with hundreds of pounds worth of guns, ammo, water, fuel, food, generators and camping gear.
“What would you recommend? We’re pretty loaded to the gunwales already.”
“I’m not much interested in this junk,” he said, scanning over his shelves and gun racks, “Got plenty of it where we’re headed and then some. Can always use some more powder an’ primers, though.”
Barry gestured to the reloading section of his shop, with plastic powder kegs and cartons of rifle and pistol primers.
“You boys have at it. I’m gonna go load this stuff up,” he said, gesturing with the ammo cans he held in each hand.
Jack and Kyle looked at each other again.
“Shopping spree in a gun shop--never thought I’d have one, and now I don’t know what to do with it,” Kyle said.
Jack strode over to the display of various sizes of military style backpacks, grabbing one of the larger ones and tossing it to Kyle, then taking one for himself.
“You hit the reloading stuff, I’ll go for spare parts and cleaning, and then we’ll give the display cases a once-over. Sound like a plan?”
“Ya, sounds good,” Kyle said, unzipping the bag and moving into action.
Jack jogged to the cleaning aisle, sweeping armfuls of CLP and gun lubes into the bag. He grabbed cleaning kits, brushes and bore snakes, and then moved to the section of shops that held gunsmithing tools, parts and components.
Somehow, there were still several AR-15 lower parts kits on the wall—each held every part necessary to assemble the lower half of an AR-pattern rifle. Those went into the bag. He grabbed an armorers wrench, swept a couple receiver extensions and a butt stock into the bag, then moved onto more components. He found the area that contained spare parts; the big pack was quickly filling up.
“This thing is going to be heavy!” Kyle said from the reloading aisle as he tossed boxes of bullets into the bag.
“Run down the ammo aisle and see if there’s any left for Tex’s hunting guns,” Jack said. Much of Tex’s gun collection had been handed down from various relatives and included a hodge-podge of less common calibers. A .45-70 lever gun was one of the big cowboy’s favorites, and it was doubtful that he had more than a hundred rounds of ammo for it.
Barry was back in the shop. He stopped for a moment, scratching his beard and watching them work.
“Hey, I just remembered somethin’. You’ll like this,” the old vet said, slipping behind the counter and crouching. Jack moved over, seeing him at work on the combination of a small safe. In a moment, Barry had it open. Stacked inside were a variety of boxes—some plastic, some cardboard, some clearly for handguns, others for high-end optics and accessories.
“5.56mm, right?” Barry asked.
“Ya—why?” Jack said. Barry responded by tossing him a brown cardboard box. Jack fumbled with the box a bit before finally getting it under control. He rotated it over, instantly recognizing the logos on it. It was a sound suppressor; AAC’s M4-2000 model.
“Holy crap—you got any more of these?” Jack asked.
“One more in 5.56. Got two for 9-mil, one .45 and two in .22.”
“Let’s take ‘em all. You have mounts for them?”
Barry got back up, went over to one of the racks behind his counter, sorting through and coming up with a couple flash hiders and a handful of threaded barrels for various handguns.
“This is what I’ve got,” he said, sliding them across the counter. Jack swept them into the pack, moving behind the counter to check the little safe for himself.
Barry was digging through the good stuff, sorting through high end Trijicon sights, a Nighforce scope and handgun cases before coming to a box with the Nighthawk logo on it.
“Almost forgot about this bad boy,” he said, setting the box on the counter for himself and stepping aside.
“Have at it!” he said.
Jack dug in, grabbing a boxed Wilson Combat 1911 for Tex and a few of the high-end optics. Barry, watching what he was getting, passed him some Larue mounts to use with the scopes, which were added to the bag as well.
Jack moved his attention to the gun racks, deciding on a wood stocked Remington 870, double barrel shotgun and a worn Ruger 10/22 that had escaped the looting. Barry opened up one of his display cases and came up with a matching pair of big stainless steel five and a half-inch Ruger Redhawks, chambered in .44 magnum. He grinned at Jack.
“Guess six shooters weren’t tactical enough for ‘em!” Barry said.
Kyle was scavenging over the remainder of the ammo aisle, adding boxes to his heavy pack.
“Hey Kyle, thought I saw some .44 mag left over there!”
“Yup, plenty of it!”
They spent a few more minutes running through the remnants of the gun shop, filling up another big pack with magazines, speed loaders, spare barrels for the ARs and a dozen or so of the leftover handguns. The rogue cops had ignored the revolvers, .22s and many of the pocket-sized pistols, so there was still a small selection of those to bring along. Kyle loaded up a dolly with the last of Barry’s cased military-issue Meals Ready to Eat, and then all three gathered in the middle of shop.
 “Well, if you boys are done plundering my fine establishment, I’d like a few moments to say goodbye and lock up,” Barry said.
Jack and Kyle returned to their vehicles, loading the packs and long guns into the last nooks and crannies that remained in their vehicles. It was a tight fit, but they managed to cram everything in. The sun had finally set, leaving them in the last few minutes of dim light before the night.
Tired, they took a moment to catch their breath.
“Can you believe this?” Jack asked.
Kyle shook his head.
“This day just keeps getting crazier.”
Jack radioed in an update to the group, but left out the part about accompanying Barry to his doomsday retreat. That news he wanted to deliver in person.
In a few minutes, Barry emerged from his shop, jogging along, Rambo loyally tagging along at his heel. To Jack, it looked like Barry was actually hurrying away from his shop, like a teenager would run away after pulling some kind of prank.
“All right, let’s not linger ‘round here any longer! I’ll follow you guys to join back up with your people,” he called, making a beeline for the big two and a half ton truck. Rambo joined him up front in the cab, riding shotgun and looking very happy to be there. The truck roared to life and Barry gave a quick wave, signaling his readiness.
The trip to the church took only a matter of moments. Tex was watching for them and emerged from his hiding spot inside a cluster of trees as they approached, waving his welcome. They turned into the parking lot, finding some of the kids were out of the cars, running around and playing, with Mike, Brooke, Esme and Fiona were watching them and talking. Amy was standing guard at the edge of the parking lot.
“Are you kidding me?” Jack said to himself, rolling down his window and pulling up alongside the group of chatting adults.
“Fiona, what the hell? You guys were supposed to wait in the cars!” he shouted.
Fiona furrowed her brow angrily.
“Excuse me? You were supposed to be back in a few minutes. It’s been over half an hour!”
Jack rolled his eyes.
“Well, we need to load back up quick and get out of here. There’s been a change of plans—get everyone together.”
He pulled his pickup out of the way, allowing Barry room to pull the big military truck into the parking lot. Tex, Amy and Kyle joined the others in the middle of the parking lot. Jack waved Barry over, and the vet emerged from his truck, leaving Rambo to guard over it.
Jack introduced Barry to the group and was about to related the change in plans when Fiona interrupted him.
“There was a radio broadcast while you were gone. The Governor has declared a state of emergency and is imposing martial law,” she said.
“Apparently, they’re calling up the National Guard. There’s a curfew and all non-official travel is forbidden. They’ve closed down the interstate and are apparently setting up check points and patrols throughout the area to try and get things under control,” Mike added in.
Barry swore loudly, and the others, mostly unused to hearing harsh language aloud, stared at him in surprise.
“Apologies, ladies and yougins’—I’m not used to havin’ polite company around—but that is bad news for getting out of here.”
Silence fell over the group. Tex was the first to speak up.
“Well hey, maybe this is good news. There are terrorists roaming the streets, looters and crazy people running wild,” he said.
“Terrorists roaming the streets?” Barry asked. Jack filled him quickly in on the encounter they’d had earlier in the day and what little they knew about the jihadi forces operating in the area. When Jack had finished relating the story, Barry swore again, though this time a bit more quietly.
Jack told the group what the remnants of the local police force had done to Barry and his shop.
“That is terrible, Mr. Barry,” Esme said, “I’m sure they have told you that you’re welcome to come with us to our land if you’d like.”
“Uhh, not exactly—“
“We’re actually going up to Barry’s place. He’s invited us to go to his cabin—it’s going to be a lot better option for us, I think,” Kyle interrupted.
Fiona looked at Jack, clearly uncomfortable with this development.
“Barry is a great guy and has been preparing for something like this for a long time, much longer than we have. He has plenty of space for us and supplies to share. He is very generous to offer,” Jack said.
“That’s awesome,” Tex said.
Barry cleared his throat.
“Jack and Kyle here pretty much saved my life back there, so I owe them and you a real big debt of gratitude. One of those life debt type things you see in movies. It’d be my privilege to help you all out.”
“The question is now, how do we get from here to there?” Jack said.
              Barry waited to see if anyone in the group had anything to offer, then spoke up.
              “I think we gotta go right now, tonight. When they call up the National Guard, it’s not instant. They don’t just—poof—appear all over the place. Takes ‘em time to deploy, set up roadblocks and so on. If we wait too long, then we’ll be screwed.”
              Brooke spoke up for the first time.
              “Weren’t we going to get some rest, though? We’re all so tired. We’re running on fumes. I know I am,” she said.
              Jack was dazed and exhausted, but he also knew that Barry might be right about having a limited and quickly closing window of opportunity. Jack had a gnawing feeling of anxiety about staying around the area much longer—he wanted to get out, leave. He wasn’t sure if it had been the encounter with the jihadis, the shootout with the wild mob or some intuition that more trouble was headed their way. With martial law being declade, it felt like walls were now closing in around them, trapping them in the suburbs of their city, along with the chaos and lawlessness.
              Barry’s scowl suggested he had similar feelings.
              “I’m not sticking around here if they’re imposing martial law, setting up road blocks and curfews. Nazi-type stuff—no rights, no due process, what they say goes. And you can guarantee they’ll start going door to door, searchin’ houses and confiscating guns. I ain’t turning over my guns to nobody, but I also ain’t got no interest in getting into a gun battle with a bunch of American soldiers. You all can do whatever you want, but this truck is leavin’ tonight,” Barry said firmly. Jack had little doubt that the old meant what he said.
              “What if we hit a road block? We aren’t exactly on official business, and I don’t think we’ll do very well if they decide to search any of our vehicles,” Tex said.
              “We punch through or go around,” Barry said.
              “Well, half of us look like we could be in the military, with all the guns and camouflage,” Amy said, gesturing the multicam battle gear she and Kyle wore, “And we’ve got Barry’s army truck. Maybe we could just talk our way through?”
              The men exchanged doubtful glances.
              “I’m a little outdated on my military lingo, and most units don’t travel with children and civilian women, but hell—if it’s our only option, there are some really, really dumb officers out there. Just hope we catch ‘em without their NCO to tell ‘em how to run things.” Barry said with a chuckle.
               “We might as well travel ‘heavy’ then,” Jack said, “More guns, less questions, maybe. Let’s make sure every adult has a long gun. Tex, you get that RPD. I think we’ve got some spare camouflage and battle gear for those who don’t have any. Keep your bail out bags close by if we need to head out on foot for some reason. I know it isn’t much of a plan, but we’re open to suggestions.
I’ve got caffeine a-plenty if you need some to make the drive. If you don’t think you will be alert enough, raise your hand and we’ll figure something out. I know everybody has been exhausted, but we get out of here and get to Barry’s place and we can finally get some rest in real, true safety. Sound good to everybody?”
Jack looked at his friends, the exhaustion showing on their faces. The Blackwells—Brooke, her wounded arm in a sling, the 10/22 held firmly in her good hand. Mike, his arm around Brooke, still in his blood-spattered paramedic’s uniform, with his toddler Ash on his hip. The MacNabs—Kyle and Amy—both with a tired yet determined look in their eyes. Tex Ryan, proudly wearing his cowboy hat, AK-47 resting across his broad shoulder and his wife Esmerelda, holding her 3-year old daughter and staring blankly off into space. And, finally, he looked over his own family—Fiona, weary and—much to his chagrin—looking mildly annoyed, and his two boys, Porter and Lincoln, trying to look brave.
              The affirmative replies came with varying levels of enthusiasm.
“All right then, we roll out in five!”


  1. Good decision to roll out. I would put the most official looking military personnel in the front and back so it looks like an escort. Also, the person with the best "military in charge lingo/voice" should be in one of the front vehicles to do the talking. Really enjoying the story. Thanks!

  2. Every time you bring up the Jihadis on Main Street USA thing I cringe, you guys have drank a little too much of the war on terror cool-aid. That being said, ignoring that story line which has no rational explanation (yet?) I am enjoying the story otherwise.

    My recommendation is let that story line die and focus on the local born threats in the aftermath of a terrorist attack.

    1. There is a rational explanation for why they are there, but the heroes haven't found out yet. The 'jihadis' are NOT just a bunch of guys who have crawled out of a cave and decided to attack the U.S...they're part of a much wider, state-backed campaign.

      Remember, this is set in the near future, so there have been developments with enemies and supporters of terror worldwide.

    2. I plan on holding your feet to the fire on this, I want a plausible explanation...and I can't imagine one. So if you insist on this storyline so be it but don't say I didn't warn you.

      Lol. I hope you keep writing despite us critics!

    3. So...

      DC and NYC getting nuked and cyber warfare bringing down the power grid and cell phones = plausible

      a small group of active shooter/guerrilla fighters operating around a major city in the South East = entirely unbelievable?

      You may need to wait until the full book version to find out all the juicy details about the baddies :)

    4. PADRE: I'm not sure what is so unplausable about it. If a another country really did want to attack us, small groups of guerrilla combatants would be ideal. A small group of even moderately well-armed active shooters could do tremendous damage. Once you get inside the US its a very soft target.

      If a country was willing and able to nuke us they would certainly also be able to mobilize guerrilla forces within our borders. It really would be hard for a few dozen operatives to get into the country ahead of time. And then for them to get armed wouldn't be hard either. Attacks could be easily coordinated over the internet. For ANY other country to fight us outright with tanks and planes and missiles would be foolish--they would get dominated. But even just a few dozen armed guerilla forces of 6-10 men scattered across the country would cause utter panic and disarray. Combine that with a few nukes, maybe a bombing or chemical attack, and the country would never be the same again.

    5. Padre, Just rembember the "Beltway Sniper" event of a few years ago. Two people did a pretty good job of shutting down DC and the surrounding areas for weeks just by performing some random sniper attacks. They were acting alone but just think about a few dozen jihadies (who are quite willing to die for their cause) and the amount of havoc they could cause doing the same thing.
      An organized group could do even more damage.
      I am suprised that the islamic fanatics haven't tried to emulate the "beltway sniper" already. I guess we have just been lucky that they prefer to "matyr" themselves with a suicide bomb rather than engage in sniper attacks.

    6. don't give them any brite ideas jeepboy. an unexpected advantage of the second amendment is that even without our military might we are still the most armed country on the planet. Bonus any group who thinks that we are all just a country of lazy playboys have got a surprise on there hands when average joe American steps out his front door with and AR or Ak and blasts the back to the hole they crawled out of. god bless America and the second amendment

    7. @ TEOTW - I used to be the Emergency Safety Officer for my (Federal) office, I sat with a duffle of NBC gas masks under my desk, and drilled regularly on the protocols for different threats. That is because the likelihood of a NBC attack on the US at some time in the future is almost 100%, and the likelihood of it happening at a major target like NYC or DC is vastly higher than in any small town or city. NBC assets are much too expensive to waste on small targets.

      Cyber attacks occur on a regular basis already and although this being successful in shutting down the grid or taking over the EMA system or reverse 911 is much less likely, an EMP being used on the US is much more likely, it is plausible.

      Both of these scenarios would seriously harm the United States and cause the stated goal of terrorism, terror. In contrast, a small band of armed men might cause terror, but relatively little damage, as a stand alone attack, particularly against a major target like a city, but would cause virtually no terror if it occurred after the grid was taken out because of the lack of communication (media) to spread the news. The belt way sniper hurt 9 people, which in Chicago wouldn't even be new worthy, except that he did it randomly, around the US Capitol, and with media coverage. Similarly, the 2008 Mumbai attacks were targeted against iconic landmarks, in high population density (target) areas, and again with media coverage to multiply the TERROR value. No grid, no media, no terror, except for the people you kill and they won't be in terror for long= no purpose.

      Just statistically--there are maybe 25 major US cities, there are hundreds of small US cities and thousands of burbs surrounding them. So yes statistically it is much less likely 1:25 vs 1:5000+ for small cities and at least 1:10000+ for suburbs around large cities. Without the terror multiplier of the media, I just don't think you inflict much if any damage on the US by doing this, and you risk the lives of men who obviously would be willing to carry out more daring missions.

  3. In regards to the jihadists; w/ all of the Muslim communities, especially in Michigan, in the US, that theory could get some traction. Like Barry said, I'd get the hell out of dodge immediately before the National Guard/Military forms up and actually implements martial law. Don't think the soldiers would be brave (or foolish) enough to go start up in the mountains looking for people.

    1. Even if there were a community of muslims who somehow were radicalized; terrorist don't engage police without a reason, they snipe, ambush, booby trap, and blow up but they don't fight overtly unless they have to or they have something serious to gain.

    2. They aren't locals, and the attack on the police was an ambush. Blow up stuff, shoot the first responders - pretty common tactic.

  4. This martial law decree changes the timeline. It is go time for Barry's retreat. Hit the road and put as much road as possible behind you. Distance / miles from town are your friend right now. Local Police will be mobilized, most likely with a strong county and state police presence also. They can do quite a bit as far as roadblocks without the National Guard. (NYC was locked down within a few hours of the 9/11 attacks, check google maps to see the area involved if you have never been here)

  5. Considering several articles I've read the past year or so about muslim "communities" around the US that are teaching radical extremist ideals I'd say it a pretty good bet that this kind of thing could happen.

    I really don't see how it could get confused but the way I read the story the jihadi's blew something up on the highway and ambushed the LEOs with superior firepower. No part of it made me think they got on line and duked it out like the Colonials and Brits or something.

    I agree they need to get out of dodge as quickly as possible before the roadblocks get set up.

    I still think running around all camo'd up with AKs and RPD showing could get them mistaken for terrorists and lit up though.

    Great read Mr. Wolf! Appreciate you sharing with us.

  6. “I don’t think I’ll need to do my taxes this year, but they’re welcome anyways.”

    Best line yet...

    I agree with the masses. Get a move on to Barry's BOL now ! And I agree with the comment above. I wouldn't go with guns hanging out the window. I'd get out of the camo for now, and dress down, if possible

    I'd put Mike in the forward vehicle on the off chance he may know any cops that may be at a road block and could possibly talk past them. (Or if he doesn't know them, at least maybe they'd positively respond to his uniform).
    I'd try to have the group appear as low-profile as possible (considering) giving off the image of a few scared, tired and hungry families whose neighborhood was overrun by terrorists. I'd be prepared to put forth the story that they are permanently leaving the area to go to Mike's good old "Uncle Barry's" cabin with a bunch of kids in tow.

    I'd stress that you're leaving for good and that you'll be less of a drain on resources, less paperwork, etc...(These are not the droids you're looking for)

    In my opinion, if you drive up acting like a bunch of survivalist yahoos, you're gonna get searched, detained and possibly arrested for having RPG's, grenades and machine guns, etc...

    This oughta be good....keep em comin !!

  7. Well, the information exchange with Barry was a little more truncated that I had hoped for, but a nice discussion of the cool stuff in the gun shop. I'm surprised he doesn't have a better 'network' or insights to the recent unpleasantness.
    I'm all for leaving NOW. Rotate drivers often, caffeine-up to stay awake. Food and water all around. Some of the cramped room may be alleviated by using Barry's truck/trailer. Keeping the youngest kids out of sight in the travel trailer may be smart - I know it isn't a seat-belted ride, but stealth may trump safety here. Some helicopter parents may be shocked by this, but consider using some dramamine or benedryl to get the youngest kids to sleep and in a bunk inside the trailer. They'll travel easier, be quieter, and not be prone to needing total supervision. A sleepy kid is a quiet, stationary kid.
    The group needs to seriously review details on the route and alternates. Establish an order of travel and basic movement SOPs. Figure out if a 'scout' vehicle is to go in advance, or if they stay in a fairly close formation. Besides drivers, each vehicle needs to have its own security plan and how they integrate fields of fire with the others.
    Get radios on line for all vehicles and establish back-up comms and hand signals right away. Maybe light signals, too? Brevity codes would be useful, too. Or is it worthwhile to take out the bulbs from the brake lights for stealthy night travel? What route and what SOPs they use will determine the best decisions.
    And why is Fiona annoyed? Jack needs to find out if this is just short-term frustration or something bigger. Maybe she has an insight Jack is missing? Brooke seems to have 'manned up' even with a wounded arm. Get Mike in some clean clothes; blood stains attract questions.
    Since they have the RPGs and hand grenades, it's likely they should set some sort of SOP/ROE plan in place. Keep it simple, but don't ignore the capability and potential for effective use. The non-drivers should likely get the sound suppressors on at least a few weapons should that need arise. Jack's Noveske pistol may be even more useful suppressed. But I agree with Shane W's comment on not looking like a terrorist convoy. Walk a careful path between overt and covert. If they want to bluff their way through a National Guard check point, Jack and Barry need to have a good cover story/line of BS to use.

    As to the earlier discussion of "Jihadis in the Street," I very respectfully side with the possibility of it happening. Beyond the fiction of this series, we KNOW in reality that at least a small percentage of the illegal human traffic coming over the southern border is middle eastern. We KNOW that terrorist cells operated to set up and execute 9-11. We KNOW that John Allen Muhammad brought the DC-Metro area to standstill with just ONE hunting rifle and a crappy car. IMHO, I think a America is just plain lucky that another radicalized extremist with a few more IQ points and a few thousand in cash to move around off the financial grid hasn't decided to become a holy warrior. Good god, but what would happen if there were two or three snipers acting around the country?!?! MAJ Nidal Hassan was a KNOWN extremist before shooting up Fort Hood...and we still couldn't anticipate that guy! I'm all for the old adage of chosing 'lucky' before 'good,' but at some point the lucky runs out and the good is all that can be counted on. Watching our nation's current foreign policy play out makes me dubious of just how much 'good' we really have at the higher levels. Now it's up to the lower/local levels to be as ready as possible.

    Keep up the great writing. And thanks for all the great comments/discussion. All have gone a long way for improving my week.

  8. I understand the concern about looking like terrorists in their camos but I think most are forgetting that they are now traveling at night so at least until morning that is not a big deal. Plus the time taking changing is to precious to lose at this point. They need to get on the road fast in the route that is most likely to be open. I like the idea of having a scout vehicle and think having Mike in that one as he has some authority and might be able to get the scout out of a roadblock (and back to the rest of the convoy) if needed. If this occurs that will give them a chance to find a way around the roadblock especially since at this point their will not be many and they should be hastily setup. Putting a silenced weapon in each vehicle would be good just in case and make sure everyone stays in radio contact. If enough night vision is available then I would go with that and disable the brake lights.

  9. "Jihadis in the Street??? Gee it seems we just had a couple of unorganized loner Jihadis in the street in Boston a few months ago. Just wonder what a larger number of way better organized ones could be capable of?????

  10. " To Jack, it looked like Barry was actually hurrying away from his shop, like a teenager would run away after pulling some kind of prank."- I seriously expected the gun shop to explode before the story was over, a few sticks of dynamite seems within the legality of Barry's personal cache. But I suppose an old claymore left for the first looters would entertain him just as much.

    As far as progression, I agree on getting out of town fast. However,I question the safety of putting kids in the trailer. Drug them up maybe,then they won't care how cramped they are. Bouncing around during any evasive action, while asleep could easily lead to more injuries, furthermore, even a brief official inspection will reveal the kids, and facilitate a ticket/ further harassment.

    As far as the story line, seems pretty believable to me.

    Looking forward to a potential book; while I have no issues with characters faith (so necessary in times of crisis really), I really disliked having it crammed down my throat in all of the JWR books.

  11. Roll hard....put a car on point and tell them to go like hell. Shoot ANYBODY that tries to stop you.

    1. if there are legit roadblocks, you need to find your way around, not fight through. taking casualties along the way by fighting trained troops is pretty stupid.

  12. This is fantastic I look forward to every installment. The details make it very engrossing. I can feel the stress that the characters must manage because the speed that decisions have to be made. Thank you!!

  13. Keep'em coming... Look forward to each chapter!

    Are there any books that are similar? I'm really enjoying this story but the waiting for each chapter is killing me!

  14. Get on the road now! There is no way road blocks are up yet. Avoid interstate as it will be a parking lot anyway. Travel at set speed (45mph) & intervals (100yds) with the lead car having the best driver & good shooter riding shotgun. Have the best sniper in another auto so if stopped, he can give accurate fire support. Have hand signals to let sniper know it's time to open fire. Stay in contact both on radio & visual. Remember, not all road blocks are official ones. Be prepared to use lethal force. If any law officers are encountered, do not consent to search, as you will be taken into custody if they find the terrorist's weapons &/or suppressors. Make up your mind now if you are willing to use lethal force to defend your freedom. With the size force & fire power you have, I'll doubt a small group of officers will be willing to detain you if you make your intentions clear that you are not willing to be detained. Just be ready to back up whatever you tell them.

    I'll be willing to bet any second now, a loud boom will occur from the general direction of Barry's shop.

    Doubt you need to worry about the kids. As soon as the cars get rolling good, they'll be asleep.

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