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You Took Away Tomorrow - Chapter 11: The Will of Allah

New chapter and reaching around the midpoint of the story. Thanks for the many comments. For those just starting, the chapter index is the place to start. 

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Chapter 11: The Will of Allah
              Jack felt a surge of rage bolt through him. He stormed the distance to the wounded terrorist, grabbed him by the collar and slammed him back into the gurney.
              “Who the hell are you?” Jack roared.
              The bearded man half coughed, half chuckled.
              “I am the Will of Allah,” he said, a feeble smile spread across his face. Jack caught an Eastern European, maybe Russian, accent to the man’s speech, but it was remarkably faint. This was not some primitive tribesman; this man was educated and spoke English well.
              Jack slammed him back into the gurney again.
              “What are you doing here?”
              The man’s weak grin did not fade.
              “I am doing the will of Allah.”
              Jack slammed him into the gurney a second time, though the terrorist seemed only to be enjoying his frustration. There was a sound of movement from behind—Bowman was struggling to his feet.
              “Hey—you can’t be roughing him up like that!” the police officer protested. Jack let the terrorist drop back onto the gurney, stepping away for a moment to compose himself.
              “Kyle—keep the good Officer in his seat,” Jack said.
              “Gotcha, bro.”

              Kyle moved in, slinging his rifle and helping Mike wrestle Bowman back into the chair. Bowman was big and strong as an ox, but he was also wounded and woozy, and Kyle was a seasoned martial artist. A little bit of leverage and a strategic placement of a foot were all that was needed to get Bowman seated again.
              “Careful, Officer—let my buddy there tend to your wounds. Don’t worry about Mr. Jihadi over there.”
              Bowman looked at Jack with frustration.
              “Don’t even think about touching my prisoner again.”         
“Officer, I’m sorry, but you’re not in charge here. You’re a guest in my home, and you may have just put the lives of my family and friends in grave danger. They are my priority number one—not keeping this piece of trash alive, violating his non-existent rights, or bowing to your wishes. If you can give me a rough idea of how many terrorists may be on the way to my neighborhood, then I won’t need to continue my conversation with the ‘Will of Allah’ over here,” Jack said.
              Bowman shook his head.
              “It doesn’t matter how many there were—help is inbound. They will be here in minutes. You’re not going to need to go all ninja G.I. Joe on anybody.”
              Kyle growled in frustration.
              “Just answer the damn question, Mister Officer Sir,”
              Bowman sighed.
              “Look, I don’t know how many there were, either. What I do know is that they just killed a bunch of my buddies, who were trained law enforcement officers. You’re just a bunch of wannabes playing dress up—what chance do you think you’d have? Really?”
              Jack ignored Bowman and turned to Mike.
              “Did you see anything?”
              Mike looked up from applying burn gel to the side of Bowman’s face.
              “Not really—he was the only one that I saw. They were shooting from forest on the side of the Interstate—and I got on scene late. Definitely more than a couple guys, though. And, they definitely had some full-autos with them, too.”
Jack struggled to formulate a good game plan. They’d quite possibly just been given away to a group of enemy guerilla fighters of unknown strength and numbers. They could hunker down—potentially try to set up some kind of ambush or diversion—or they could hit the road for the retreat. It was a life or death kind of decision, the kind that he’d been making since the attacks had begun. And, like usual, he was short on good information on which to base his decision.
              He turned his attention back to the injured gunman strapped to the gurney.                            “Alright then, ‘Will of Allah’ – it looks like it’s down to you and me. How many other fighters are with you?” Jack demanded.
               The man chuckled again.
              “Who are you that you think I would betray my brothers to you?”
              “Me? I am a husband and a father, and you just threatened everything that I love and care for in this world. And that makes me very, very dangerous to you.”
              The terrorist considered Jack for a moment.
              “Very brave, Mr. American. Very brave. I will tell you this—we are many more than you and your friends. The police man is right—you would die if you tried to face my brothers in battle.”
              Jack glared back at Bowman.
              “Thanks again for the vote of confidence.”
              Jack paused for a moment, gathering his thoughts.
              “All right—Bowman, have you got any kind of confirmation on how long backup is going to take to get here? What kind of force can we expect to show up?”
              “No—I’m still waiting to hear back. They’ll be here soon, though.”
Kyle laughed wryly.
“When seconds count most, help is only minutes away. I’d wager we’re it for now, Jack.”
Jack realized that time on the clock was wasting away, and he’d probably gathered all of the intel he would be able to get.
              “All right, guys. We have an almost certainly superior enemy force potentially coming our way, with an unknown estimated time of arrival. We’ve got an unknown strength law enforcement force inbound, also with an unknown ETA.”
              “How do we know that they heard Officer Bowman’s transmission?” Fiona asked.
              “We don’t—but there’s a good chance that they did. And we also don’t know if they consider ‘Will of Allah’ over there worth the risk of trying to recover. He could be a peon, he could be their leader—we don’t know,” Jack responded.
              “Why don’t we just have Bowman transmit another message, saying they’re moving elsewhere?” Kyle suggested.
              “That could help. We can probably still expect company, though.”
              Kyle nodded.
“Agree. If I had the manpower and time, I’d still probably send dudes in to check it out,”
              “So we need to bug out then, right?” Fiona asked.
              “Looks like it. Or at least hide out and see what happens. The enemy force isn’t likely to stick around here.”
              Bowman was following the conversation and was not happy.
              “So ya’ll are going to beat feet out of here and leave me with the prisoner over there?”
“What’s wrong? I thought backup was on its way?” Kyle snickered.
“Well, I’m messed up pretty bad. If someone were to show up—“
Jack held up a hand.
“We’re not going to leave you here with him.”
              Mike cleared his throat.
              “The prisoner is stable for now, but he needs serious medical attention within the next few hours if he’s going to survive. We can’t take him if we’re going to evacuate. And, Officer Bowman, you need some help, too—I’ve done what I can, but you’re going to need surgery, for both your shoulder wound and the burns.”
              Bowman swore.
              “All right—how about this? We shove Mr. Jihadi back into the ambulance and you drive him and yourself to the nearest hospital?” Kyle offered.
              Jack nodded in agreement.
              “We can’t have the ambulance sitting in front of our place anyways. You think you can drive, Bowman?”
              “Ya, I can drive fine. Is he coming with me?” Bowman said, pointing to Mike with a shaky finger.
              Mike looked to Jack for support, unsure of how to answer.
              “No. He’s staying here to help protect his family and tend to his injured wife,” Jack said firmly. He could see Mike relax visibly.
              “If you go right to the hospital, you’ll be fine,” Mike added, seeking to reassure Officer Bowman.
              “All right then. Let’s get this show on the road.”
              Jack let out a sigh, glad to have that portion of their problem at least addressed. He turned to the others to get the rest of the plan moving.
              “Fiona, you go get everybody in the house ready to move – shoes on, grab bags and load up in the vehicles. Kyle, go tell Amy and Tex the plan—I don’t want to broadcast it over the walkies on the off-chance the terrorists are listening in.”
              “You think a couple of us should hang around here to keep an eye on the house and all of the supplies? Keep in touch with the rest of the group and let ‘em know when the coast is clear?” Kyle added.
              Jack considered Kyle’s suggestion and agreed with it. If the guerilla fighters showed up at their place, it would likely be for a quick search. When they didn’t find their compatriot at the Rourke home, it was doubtful they would hang out long term. Take some supplies, yes. But kick off their shoes and call the place home? Unlikely.
              “Let’s do that. You and me. We’ll hide in the back woods,” Jack said.
              “You got it, bud.”
              “All right then—let’s get moving.”
              The group sprang into action. Mike and Jack wheeled the gurney out of the garage, back to the ambulance. The wounded terrorist seemed to be mildly amused by the events.
              “Funny, it seemed like we just arrived here. Well, thank you for your hospitality, Mr. American. I will not forget it. Please pass along my thanks to your wi—“
              A punch to the man’s bearded jaw interrupted his farewell. They wheeled the gurney into the back of the ambulance and closed the doors.
              Bowman was on his radio again, calling in an update—that the suspect’s condition had turned critical and he could no longer wait for support to head to the hospital. The dispatcher asked for his planned route of travel, but this time, Bowman thought better of it and left the question unanswered.
              “Look, I’m sorry I brought this trouble to your home, but I’m sure everything will be fine. You guys have helped me out, big time,” he said, extending a big hand for a handshake. Jack took it and shook quickly.
              “Make it worthwhile—get that scumbag into custody and get him talking about what is going on,” Jack said.
              Bowman hauled himself into the ambulance, pausing to adjust the seat to fit his large frame. He still looked awful, but at least now his wounds were bandaged. He broke a smile, though it awkward and painful looking with his burnt, bandaged and battered face.
              “I’ll see you fellas around.”
              The ambulance started up and Bowman accelerated away. Tex had already moved the spike strips out of the way. The ambulance passed, pausing at the entrance and then slowly easing into right hand turn. Something happened though, and instead of gently turning, it suddenly, violently began to accelerate.
A split second later, Jack heard it—the crack of a rifle, the sound delayed slightly by distance. The ambulance sped out of control across the road, over the shoulder and smashed head-on into a tree on the far side.
“Shooter!” Tex called over the radio, running from his exposed position to a place of cover.
              Jack keyed his radio.
              “Sniper! Everybody take cover. Kyle, Tex, Amy, sound off!”
              All three radioed in quickly—they were ok.
              “Anyone have eyes on that shooter?”
              A trio of negatives responded.
              “The shot came from the north, along the road it looks like. I’m going to try to move into position to check it out,” Kyle said.
              “Hold on that,” Jack said. They had the radios, but they couldn’t be sure if the enemy was monitoring their communications.
              Jack swore.
              The terrorist fighters were here and Bowman had just called off any law enforcement assistance they may have had coming their way. The sniper had clear line of sight on the neighborhood’s sole exit. Bowman was likely dead in the ambulance, and the enemy would soon be trying to move in on the ambulance to recover their injured comrade. Things did not look good.


  1. OK, time for the two minute drill. Get food, water, weapons and ammo and the go bags and be ready to march out in 2 minutes. Women and children lead the way, with the men watching the back. There has to be some rally point within a mile that may be a bit more defensible. If they are in the SE, then there is a barn or a church within that area. Three men are the very rear guard and they move slowly, avoiding detection but trying to gain intel on the force coming at them, or even if the force looks for them with the terrorist and the officer in the ambulance.

  2. AnonymousJuly 29, 2013

    At this point they could be in big trouble. The terrorists very likely have the area surrounded so bugging out may be a bad idea. I think everyone needs to stay in place and hope that they terrorists will get their guy out of the ambulance and leave. That or prepare to bug out to the hidden vehicles throug a back route while the terrorists are busy getting to the ambulance. At least then they shouldn't have as many to deal with at the back of the neighborhood and maybe none at all.

  3. AnonymousJuly 29, 2013

    This suggests that the bad guys are very well trained. If they recover their man, they would likely not risk further fighting. But, if Jack roughed up a leader, retribution might be one the way. Preplacing the trucks now looks brilliant. But, can they move without being attacked? That will be answered in the next chapter!

  4. If they get their guy out of the ambulance he's gonna tell his buddies about Jack nad the others.

    If you get in vehicles and try to leave you'll most likely suffer the same fate as Bowman.

    Staying in place is a bad idea. If I was a badguy and had several people holed up in a house I'd just set a vehicle on fire and run it through the front door. Anything that comes out gets shot.

    So I'm back to my last post. Everyone out the backdoor with BOBs and weapons and into the woods to hide out. Jack and Kyle should lag behind to cover their trail and watch for badguys.

  5. AnonymousJuly 29, 2013

    Why would they not completely clean the ambulance out of supplies before letting Bowman Leave. Bandages, Syringes, Saline, Supplies, Medicine, pain killers, all medical devices you could use to survive. I was surprised they let that leave- It was their greatest resource. I suppose after the battle the survivors could clean out the ambulance.

    Great story- Absolutely enjoying it. I wish you would go back to much longer chapters! Its my favorite three minutes every Monday morning, I just wish it was 10 minutes reading!

    1. AnonymousJuly 30, 2013

      I agree, they should have grabbed supplies before letting it go, and I liked the longer more freqent segments. I do understand that it takes more time to write it then it does to read it, so thank you for this great story would like to read one of your books Mr. Wolf

  6. Just got to know, were you already planing a sniper or was it spur of the moment "Writer's genius"?

    What I would do is leave. You are a bad survivalist if you can't avoid some thugs in the woods. Not hard to hide if you do it. A good way to train is have air soft or paintball wars in the woods. You learn to hide where there is cover and concealment and a bcd door. There have been times that I could have grabbed somebody's leg they were standing so close to me. First off send a recon. Have everybody spread out in a wedge formation with the women and children in the middle have them stay low and find a place out of the way that would be difficult to get to or unnecessary to get close to for the bad guys. For example, If your stream in the woods has a loop in it that you could walk all the way around it (like, walking from the vehicles to the back of the house you could walk around the stream in stead of having to cross it), ford the stream and hide somewhere in the loop. Post a look out (hidden of course) to watch for people that pass the stream. If you have to wait the night out there, and eat jerky or something, no fire. And since I am assuming that it is summer in the story, don't pitch tents. Basically sit in a circle all day, then sleep in the circle that night. Once you see something like enemy moving through, go get in the vehicles and bug for Barry's. If he has a group that is bigger than yours, join it. If it is just him, try to get him to join you. If you can stay at his place a couple days, then go back and see what your house is like. If the enemy finds your vehicles (and I kinda doubt they would if they put a patrol on that road, and they had to stop, why sit in a field when you can sit in the building across the road), you walk to get help from Barry or another friend until you can get some more wheels.

  7. Wow! Love this story so far... Out of Dodge now! Maybe send people back when the heat dies down to "loot" your own stash for your retreat locale?


    Great chapter as always!

    I say bug out--head for the stashed cars out the back door. The cars are already stocked with supplies so I'd travel light, no need to slow yourself down. Plus if you do come in contact with the enemy you don't want to be weighed down with a case of spam. Maybe you could have someone hold back a bit, offer cover fire to help cover the retreat. Maybe if you have time you could light the house on fire--make sure your supplies don't end up in the wrong hands and also help cover your retreat. But its unlikely that the place is already surrounded or that the terrorists have found the stashed cars--book it to the cars and bug outta there. If they think they can make it they should try to reach the farmland in the country.

  9. AnonymousJuly 29, 2013

    They're screwed. I told you they only had one more chance, and they let it slip right on by. They blew it, and the best they can hope for now is to get the non-combatants as safely stowed as possible, take up the best defensive positions they can hope for, and get ready for what is coming. There will be blood.

    Seems like they have been one step behind since Jack got home. Bugging out now would be suicide. The BGs have overwatch, and likely can already see everything going on in that neighborhood. The ambulance led them right to Jack's little group. Mike must be proud. If Jack or Kyle have any silver bullets, it will soon be time to get them out and use them. Otherwise I do not expect them to survive the next confrontation, unless the BGs find some other use for them than target practice.

    1. AnonymousJuly 29, 2013

      Im for hunckering down too. There's been no clues that its any better elsewhere. Its not easy moving kids in SHTF situation. Your home is your castle. Defend it.

    2. AnonymousJuly 30, 2013

      Anonymous #1-

      Wow, that is a little negative. How about some PMA (Positive Mental Attitude)?

      For me, being one step behind is the point of the story as that would the reality of the situation. Unexpected and unpredictable events have progressed at a rate quicker than the group can react. Bugging out early is fine if you have a fully stocked location that is capable of being self-sustaining for the foreseeable future. Like most of us, our protagonists don't have that and so have chosen to stick it out as long as possible. I think this is closer to reality for most of us.

  10. AnonymousJuly 29, 2013

    I doubt the bad guys would come after a wounded comrade so quickly unless he was someone important. Bug out asap. Give everyone 2 minutes max to gather their bags & head for the woods. The bad guys will definitely torch the house & anything near it.

    As soon as location was given on radio, Jack should have ordered everyone to load supplies into packs & head through the woods for the stashed autos. Doubt they're surrounded yet, but if they don't move now, they will be. Would send a point man, followed by women & kids. Arm everyone capable of using a weapon. Definitely have someone lag behind to deal with any quickly approaching threat & to gather intel on the enemy. If resistance to bug out is met, they are most likely all dead.

    If they possess the skills & equipment, & the terrain allows, I would set up 600+yds away & snipe anyone who looks to be in command. One shot & quickly move. If considering this, it should be done from a direction different than the others who are bugging out. This may buy them some more time especially since there are children involved.

  11. “Me? I am a husband and a father, and you just threatened everything that I love and care for in this world. And that makes me very, very dangerous to you.”

    Brother Alex...IMHO,the best lines of the series ...

  12. AnonymousJuly 30, 2013

    good story

    I would do exactly what Chewylouie says to do

  13. AnonymousJuly 30, 2013

    Yeah time to play the snipe back game n give your family a chance to sneak out asap. If you dont show up at the meeting place they know the reason they did.

  14. AnonymousJuly 30, 2013

    Bugging out the back way is likely still an option, it would seem like a lot for the terrorists to fully surround the home in the time elapsed since the radio call. And since Bowman's radio call about leaving in the ambulance, their immediate focus was likely on that target.

    One problem might be getting the sentries back to the house safely if they are on the far end of the street. The sniper(s) may have coverage on these folks, and communicating by radio could give away that they're planning to move.

    Once everyone is in one place, it is probably time for some kind of temporary bug-out covered by a rear guard action. Although sending a single person out first as a scout is probably wise.

    If they do have to engage any combatants, they will likely have an element of surprise on their side; these guys are probably not expecting any kind of armed and organized resistance from civilians in a suburban neighborhood. Lying in wait until the BG's break cover and converge on the house, if they do, could allow the opportunity to score some serious casualties.

    And it is not entirely clear what the bad guys priorities are right now. They might be out for blood, or they may have achieved their objective and are ready to fall back and reorganize and rearm. Retribution against civilians may not be their highest priority. Or maybe it is, we appear to be dealing with zealots, so who knows?

  15. AnonymousJuly 30, 2013

    Time to bug out, women and children first. But I would also shoot the ambulance full of holes and try to hit the gas tank. One less terrorist is a good thing, and he knows too much about the group. And this might focus the terrorists attention while the others get away. Mike brought trouble home, he should provide cover while the others leave.

  16. AnonymousJuly 31, 2013

    I don't think bugging out is an option. If the terrorists were there that soon, it means they were right behind the ambulance, and Bowman's radio message was likely only confirmation that they were at the right place already. If that's the case, then they have been in the area as long as the ambulance has, and would've had plenty of time to surround the neighborhood sufficiently to cover any attempt at leaving.

    The wounded terrorist in the ambulance is now out of reach, and you know he will be looking for payback on that fist in his face. If he has any authority or pull with the rest of the terrorists, Jack's group will be attacked with prejudice.

    With Mike bringing the wounded terrorist to the neighborhood as Bowman's prisoner, he may very well have sentenced the whole group to death. The armament of Jack's group is inferior to that of the terrorists, they have less training and even less preparation. If they try to leave and even one member of the group gets hit, the whole group will fall apart and be essentially uncontrollable.

    I have very little hope and almost no advice for Jack at this point. In the words of Josey Wales, "It's time to get mad-dog mean."

    1. You're making a lot of assumptions there.

      There was a good 15ish minutes between the arrival of the ambulance and the sniper attack, so no reason to think they arrived at the same time. Time isn't particularly easy to convey, but it's been moving along.

      We have no idea how many bad guys there are, and it is a large neighborhood surrounded by thick forest - would require lots of dudes to fully surround.

    2. AnonymousJuly 31, 2013

      Safe assumptions given what we already know about the nature of the terrorists up to this point.

      There is an active shooter in the area, and he is a darned good shot.

      They overwhelmed the LE fairly handily.

      Mike showed no discretion in retrieving the terrorist and cop. He took no evasive action in returning to the neighborhood. He ran with lights and sirens.

      The captured terrorist acted fairly nonchalant about his situation. In fact, he was rather haughty about the whole deal.

      There is still not enough information to reach a logical conclusion. So assumptions are the only recourse. If making assumptions, I would assume the worst based on what little is known at this point, and plan accordingly, and hope that things aren't as bad as they now seem.

      Maybe they could E&E, but is that really a risk worth taking? Better to sit tight and see what comes next.