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You Took Away Tomorrow: Chapter 10 - Wounded

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Chapter 10: Wounded

              Mike and Kyle rushed towards the front door of Jack’s home, wheeling the gurney and the terrorist it bore along with them.
              “Hey—wait up! You’re not bringing him into my home! We’ve got women and children in there,” Jack shouted to the two. They paused, turning back around to look at him.
              “I need to put him somewhere!” Mike said, exasperated.
              “The garage then,” Jack said, waving them in the direction of the garage. Scraps of wood and power tools from the Kyle’s hasty spike strip construction project were strewn all over the place. Jack kicked the debris out of the way, clearing a path for the gurney to travel. The chickens, who had been sheltered in the garage in a makeshift cage, clucked with excitement at the new arrival.
              With the gurney in place, Mike set about checking the man over. He looked at the bandages, the tourniquet placed above the wound, and evaluated his vitals, and then went to work adjusting the tourniquet and reinforcing the dressings on the wound. The gunshot wound was in the middle of the man’s thigh, with a small entrance wound and a much bigger exit wound.
              “Mike—what is happening out there?” Kyle asked.

              “It’s a nightmare—total chaos. I’ve been running non-stop, one call to the next. First it was car crashes from people rushing home. Then, late last night, it was injuries from looting and robbery. Cops had a big clash with rioters at the mall—folks were going nuts trying to steal tablet computers, if you believe it. That was a total mess. With the power grid down and people on edge, that was bad enough—the hospitals were overwhelmed pretty quickly. Then, this morning happened. These guys had it all planned out,” Mike said, nodding towards the man on the gurney.
              “The evacuation notice to get people running for their lives, then BOOM, set off your truck bomb and murder a whole bunch. Wait for police and EMTs to respond and set off your ambush.”
              “We barely made it out of there.”
              “Why did you come here and not go straight to the hospital?” Jack asked. Mike looked up from his work.
              “No way we would have made it—the route is too jammed up by now, too crazy. I needed somewhere safe, where I could make sure this guy was stabilized and help out Officer Bowman over there. And, I thought Brooke and the kids might have come over here last night—are they around?” Mike asked, still clearly oblivious to the ordeal that his wife had gone through. Jack and Kyle exchanged glances.
“Mike!” came an excited cry of relief from the Rourke home, interrupting Jack before he could begin. Brooke, her injured arm in its makeshift sling, rushed out of the door to her husband’s side. Fiona followed after her.
              “What happened to you?” Mike asked, gesturing to her injured arm with a look of panic on his face. Brooke collapsed into his arms, sobbing. Mike wrapped his arms around her, holding her close. Brooke buried her face into his chest; the strong fa├žade she’d put on earlier that morning crumbling away.
              “Where were you?” she managed in between sobs. Mike held her tightly.
              “I’m sorry—they needed me at work,” Mike said, struggling with the words. He was confused, overwhelmed.
              “We needed you at home!” Brooke cried. Mike looked to Jack for assurance, the hurt welling up in his eyes.
              “Things were pretty bad on your street. Brooke held down the fort and kept your kids safe. She did a great job,” Jack said, not wanting to get into the full details with a police officer standing right next to him. While their actions had been out of necessity, legal entanglements were the last thing they needed at this point.
Bowman watched, rocking with impatience.
“Come on, we need to keep this scum bag alive. I’m gonna be damned if I let the one suspect in custody—“ Bowman started, but Kyle interrupted with a raised hand.
              “Give ‘em a moment. Ya’ll have made it this far without keeling over dead—you can wait another minute,” he said.
              Mike overheard the exchange. He took a deep breath, trying to compose himself.
              “Actually, he’s stabilized for the time being, Officer Bowman. We’ve got the bleeding largely under control for the short term. But I need to go grab my bag and some gear out of the ambulance so that I can attend to you.”
              Officer Bowman grunted his approval.
              “Let me borrow those scissors,” he added, nodding to the heavy-duty paramedic shears on Mike’s belt. Mike handed them over, and then he and Brooke left, heading for the ambulance. Brooke leaned heavily on Mike’s shoulder.
              Bowman staggered towards the terrorist. Encrusted with blood and burnt flesh, he looked like an extra from a zombie movie. His injured right arm hung limply at his side, the shears held awkwardly in his left hand. He began cutting off the chest rig’s straps, having a difficult time of the task.
              “Let me help,” Jack offered. Bowman took a moment, pausing and looking into Rourke’s eyes. Jack could see the exhaustion, the anger, frustration and anxiety at work. He could also see a fogginess behind those eyes—Bowman’s injuries had taken their toll on him, though he was determinedly powering forward. The police officer looked at Jack for an uncomfortably long time before he finally handed over the shears.
              “Alright. Cut all that stuff off of him. We need to search him really well—I did a quick pat down and found a handgun and a big ol’ knife,” Bowman said, wobbling on his feet.
              “Of course. Fiona, can you grab Officer Bowman a chair? Then, Mike will probably need some warm water, bandages, and towels,” Jack said. Fiona unfolded a metal folding chair, and Bowman nearly collapsed into it.
              “Thank you, ‘mam.”
              Jack went to work with the trauma shears, cutting through the webbing straps that held the chest rig in place. The presumed terrorist looked completely unconscious, but Jack kept a wary eye on him as he worked.
              The chest rig was simple in construction, with three button-flap magazine pouches, each large enough to hold two AK pattern magazines, and then two grenade pouches on either side. The chest rig still held three magazines—Jack drew one, checking the bullets on top. Surplus Russian 5.45x39mm.
              “AK-74. Guess he would have a fair amount of trigger time behind a Kalash.”
              Jack tossed the remains of the chest rig on the floor, then moved onto searching the man’s pockets.
              Mike and Brooke returned quickly from the run to the ambulance with a load of medical supplies in tow. Mike quickly went to work, checking Bowman’s wounds, cleaning off blood and preparing the injuries for bandaging. Bowman’s radio chirped with activity, and the officer reached to respond.
              Jack tried to ignore the distractions, focusing on the task at hand. He was inches away from a killer, and though he was handcuffed and strapped to the gurney, for some reason Jack still felt threatened. He had no idea just how deadly the bearded Slavic man might be. If he was here, on American soil, as part of an enemy guerrilla force, there was little doubt that the man was trained and experienced in combat and willing to kill and die for his cause.
              Emptying the man’s pants pockets turned up a folding knife, butane lighter, a thick wad of American currency and a cheap prepaid cell phone. No wallet.
“No ID,” Jack announced.
Searching the man’s waistline, Jack found an empty inside-the-waistband holster and knife sheath—previously the home to the pistol and knife Bowman had found in his hasty search. There were also a pair of loaded handgun magazines—Jack checked those, too. Glock 19 mags, loaded with jacketed hollow points. Jack removed the man’s belt entirely, adding it, the holster and sheath to the pile of man’s possessions.
Jack turned his attention to the man’s leather hunting boots, cutting through the laces and pulling them free. The terrorist had boot knife strapped to his right ankle – a double edged knife he recognized as a SOG Pentagon. That was added to the pile as well.
Jack began cutting at the man’s RealTree smock, slicing through the material, when he heard Bowman rattle off his street’s name. Jack turned, seeing the injured police officer speaking into his radio’s handset.
“Wait, did you just announce our address?” Jack asked, though Bowman was too preoccupied with his radio conversation and Mike tending to his wounds.
“Hey, Bowman!” Jack said, loud enough to draw the attention of everyone gathered in the garage. The police officer turned towards Jack.
“Did you really just tell the whole world our street address?”
              Bowman looked taken aback.
              “Ya, I’m calling into dispatch for backup and medical. That a problem?”
              Jack cursed under his breath.
              “We’re able to monitor your transmissions with a decade-old Radio Shack scanner. You can bet this guy’s comrades are monitoring them, too.”
              Kyle swore.
              “And now they know exactly where this guy is,” Jack said, jabbing a thumb towards the restrained man.
Fiona, returning from the house with an armful of supplies, gasped in shock. Jack turned, hair standing on the back of his neck as he locked eyes with the now conscious terrorist fighter. The man’s beady eyes were fixed on him, his gaze oozing with hatred.
              “My brothers will come,” the man said, his voice weak but full of menace.
              “And then, by Allah, you will all die.”


  1. Time to change locations.

  2. I kinda figured this would be a hard one. I am surprised at the officers actions, but they are somewhat understandable, considering the circumstances.

  3. Now that we know a terrorist group is operating in the US, we need to form a type of "minute men/guerrilla militia" unit. You need to find another group of "survivalist/law abiding gun owning citizens" to fight with (hint barry and his arsenal and preps). You also need to team up with the police and national guard. Find someone with a secure radio system. Also if this is a localized event (apposed to the same thing happening all over the US) there will be army there soon, especially if there is a base near by.
    As for right now, you need to get all the unnecessary stuff out of all the vehicles and load as much food and ammo (especially ammo) and water and supplies as you can in the time it took for Mike to get from the highway to the house. If the ambulance were not so conspicuous, I would just load the supplies in that and head. If there is a safe place to put the the family to safety (maybe with Barry for the time being) and go talk with the police. Warn them about the radios and see how close the army is. If they are close, don't worry about the militia thing because people that are not trained will have a higher casualty rate than trained soldiers. If you have any type of pre made explosives Try so set some quick booby traps. Don't risk too much time on this though. Circle around and get the other vehicles that were stashed and get out of there. Right now you want strength in numbers. I am not saying this is the best plan, but it is the only reasonable action that I see right now.

    1. Did Bowman announce the full address, or just the street name?

    2. If you do decide to stay and fight, you should:
      1. Get volunteers or pick maybe 1 or 2 people to protect the kids and women. Depending on the age and skill of the kids, one of them might be able to count as protection. If not the kids preferably one of the less skilled women that would not be as helpful in a firefight. Get them in a neighbors house or in the woods. If you want to move the ambulance into a different driveway, and "move the ambush" that is okay. It may or may not help you, who knows.
      2. Divide in to sniper teams and issue each team weapons as necessary. 2 man sniper teams, spotter with radio and Ar 15, and then the sniper. If the team has enough SASS (semi-auto sniper system) each team should have one. There is not enough distance for the benefits of a bolt action to out weigh the benefits of a semi-auto. An Ar in .308, or .243 or waterer you got. If you don't have that many which ever team should either have a more protected position, or setup on a closer roof and give them an Ar. Without more information about the area, I don't really have any other strategic advice.

  4. AnonymousJuly 22, 2013

    Oops, I guess that didn't work out so well.

    I suppose at this point they do a hasty job patching up the cop and the terrorist, try to get as much info as they can and try to figure out which direction is the best way to go to find some allies real quick.

    Mike's an idiot on two counts, if it weren't for his doctoring skills, he'd be worthless. The cop is out of his element and over his head. He's let his ego take over what little reasoning he might have had left.

    Either that, or prepare to get real bloody soon. Too bad they didn't make any relations with other groups before all this started. Networking might have saved their bacon. Now they are screwed, and about to become refugees, or casualties, if their luck doesn't get any better.

    If I were Jack and Kyle, I'd reconsider maybe heading for the property. Their homes have just been compromised, how can they live with the risk of an attack, with the women and children to contend with?

    They blew their best chance, time to execute plan b quickly, before they blow that chance as well.

  5. Peanut_galleryJuly 22, 2013

    At this point I would say it is time to bug out. They can hunker down at their secondary location for a couple of weeks and maybe return after the terrorist have come and gone. Hide any supplies that can't be taken with them so they have stuff when they return. If the terrorist come looking for their comrad and find the location deserted they are not likely to hang around.

  6. Time to bug out. The target is painted on the home. However, it may be a good setup for a counter-ambush. With so many houses vacant, quickly cache the essential supplies around the neighborhood, and set up converging points of fire upon the house. Even better idea, is to put the ambulance in the driveway of a neighbor's house, go inside and leave the officer's radio, turned all the way up. Use both as bait. Make a manequin with the officer's uniform and put it in the driver's seat. Then wait. Make sure to get the kids and non-combatants far away, and muzzle the terrorist. Now about Bowman, somebody has to get in his face and get his head out of his ass. He either cooperates with the program or disarm him and take his radio away. What he did was incredibly stupid and endangered EVERYONE.

    1. Bowman's actions, while dangerous, are completely understandable. Cops are used to their procedures, protocols, and rules. Cops don't usually think about op sec, their procedures aren't designed for the battlefield. But even a trained soldier would have done likewise, its just that he'd have more secure coms and procedures that consider things like op sec. But both the soldier and the cop are just following the training, rules, and protocols implemented by those higher up. So I can't really blame Bowman--he's tired and just doing what he's been trained to do and following the procedures he's been practicing for years.

      But his fault or not, I'd ditch him ASAP (and his suspect) unless he decides to play nice. To me the big threat is this: a cop, in an emergency, is usually in charge. If there is a accident or a crime scene or whatever and you don't listen to what the cop says you'd be arrested. Now we have a huge emergency--life has become an emergency--and the cop is going to feel entitled to leadership. So unless he proves otherwise I'd ditch him asap.

    2. AnonymousJuly 22, 2013

      I agree with King Hoju about Officer Bowman's reactions. He is following standard protocol, and in a less extreme situation his actions would make perfect sense. Calling for back-up and medical support is a logical step to make, and would still be appropriate if this support was available in a timely manner. And if communications weren't compromised. Unfortunately, in the current situation such back-up is likely going to be far too slow or totally unavailable.

  7. Oh, my...I'm guessing you don't have a big Muslim demographic reading this blog! And that's fine with me. I'm hardly guessing it was a bunch of mil-vets or disgruntled Tea Party folks that started this whole SHTF-scenario in the first place. On the other hand, maybe DHS will tell us that calling on Allah is some sort of deceptive move by neo-nazi bikers and some other group of "bitter clingers" out there.
    If it were me standing next to that gurney, I'd probably grab the wanna-be Shahid by the nose, twist hard and hold, and tell him, "Allah has willed you to be here now. And he wants you to be quiet and still or he will make me cause you more pain...talk again and I will force you, I mean Allah will force me to force you to eat pork." (Terrorist-boy will certainly get pretty upset, so tell Fiona to grab some bacon. And twist harder. Maybe mention that dying in an unclean/profane state means he doesn't get his ration of 72 virgins and the E-ticket ride to Paradise will be diverted to the lake of fire. Otherwise, shut up.)
    But I digress.
    Well, all sarcasm and irreverence aside, "a rock and a hard place" comes to mind. Nice literary move, by the way.
    First, get to Officer Marty McFly and get him OFF the radio. I was earlier worried about an RF tracker on the captured illegal enemy combatant, but I guess that's been effectively short-cut. Wait a moment and see what the so-called "back-up" will be. Clearly he's talking to somebody who still represents civil authority, such that it remains. Let them talk a bit. See what intel can be gained by their transmission(s).

    Then tell Bowman to get on the radio and tell "Dispatch" or whoever that the terrorist is hurt worse than they thought, and they are jumping back in the ambulance to take him to [--identify nearest military facility here--] via [--some named route that is directly away from Jack's house here--]. If Dispatch squashes that idea, then reassert that the bad guy is bleeding out, needs a transfusion ASAP, and that the ambulance will meet them at some rendezvous point at least a couple miles away from Jack's place. But Bowman doesn't transmit until he's in with the plan and understands what he's done to the families and kids. Get the terrorists' number one target away from Jack's house.

    1. If I do have any Muslim readers, they are totally welcome here.

      While many of America's foes are Muslim extremists, there are millions of good, peaceable people who practice Islam, too.

  8. AnonymousJuly 22, 2013

    Why are we assuming the police or national guard would be on our side? The story is compelling but it seems to assume that the government is good and acts responsibly (police, national guard etc.) and the bad guys can be easily identified (i.e. terrorist etc.). This story is starting to read like a government funded propaganda script.

    1. Ha! Gime a break! Its propaganda to suggest the government would try to help in a disaster? Sure often their help can make things even worse but you think the millions of members of the military, police, national guard etc. are going to all be on the side of the attackers??? Like the national guard is going to start mowing down civilians? I think thus far this story shows government incompetence in a fairly realistic way. Dot gov hasn't been able to restore order, doesn't seem very organized, can't secure communications, and from what we have seen hasn't done much to effectively repel the threat. But granted all the government failings to think the whole military apparatus isn't going to be "on our side" is just plain silly. Ineffective sure. Cause even bigger problems, perhaps. But come on.

    2. LOL...government funded propaganda script. Good 'un.

  9. And...
    Whether Officer Bowman actually wants to leave with the terrorist, or just let it stand as a ruse is up to him.

    For the crew at Jack's: time to go. Exactly where is debatable. Barry and his allies are still a great bet, if they are reachable in the short-term with minimal risk. Take some video/audio/photos of the terrorist and his gear if he does depart with Bowman, so Barry can get it out on his network. By the way, taking the terrorist directly to Barry's store/location shouldn't happen -- don't repeat a Mike&Bowman screw-up. Find a stand-off location that works and double-check for the RF beacon on the terrorist: he wouldn't be so cock-sure without a reason. Otherwise they need to consider heading out to their BOL, as hard as that might be. But the in-bound enemies can't be too far away. Tick tock, time to rock.

    Yup, Brooke should be upset with her husband. On a LOT of counts. In the current situation, I'm all for the duty-bound good Samaritan method, as long as MY family and MY tribe are known to be safe. Granted, not that much time has passed, but there was enough for Mike to at least make a try. Reestablishing contact by bringing a known terrorist to the safe place is another major brain-cramp for Mike. Not only was Brooke left in a marginal neighborhood when the SHTF, but now he's brought a whole higher order of magnitude threat to his family and friends. Simply brilliant. Jack probably won't have to twist Mike's nose, but Mike should be highly encouraged to let the grown-ups talk without interruption for a few minutes.

    If Mr. I-Will-Kill-You terrorist's friends really do come to free him, I doubt that they will stay longer than doing a search for him. Jack & Company should (very) quickly stash as much of their stuff out of obvious sight, grab what they can, and clear datum. At least for a while. If they are caught at home, with their kids, by killers who have beaten the local police in a fire fight, the outlook is dim. Get that ambulance parked at another empty house, get everybody out of sight, and execute the option for using the trucks they moved into the woods to get away. Bounding over-watch movement through the woods will be required - enemy contact is expected. The terrorists will kill every living infidel they find. Let them come, search, and hopefully leave. If there is no comrade, no ambulance, no police, and nobody home they will move on. Insh'allah, they won't burn everything. Staying in a fixed location and pin-pointing their area of concentration isn't to their plan's favor. Our heroes' coming back to the house after several days may still be an option. Staying there now is probably poor without serious reinforcements.

  10. Push for more intel with Bowman and Mike. Then the terrorist and a little motivation might help from a rag and water hose or a bucket of water. If the cell is not larger then five stay and fight. Greater then five bug out.

    Less than five bad guys. Leave Bowman and the bad guy as bait. Have the girls and children bug out. Set ambush by using neighbor house take the fight to the bad guys and win or hope the good guy get there in time.

    I guessing that they are Chechen Cells are normally small <5 in Afghanistan and large >5 in Russia

    Ping Pong Balls + Aluminum Foil + Cannon Fuse = Smoke

  11. Well...after slapping Officer Bowman on his charred head for being stupid, have him hop back on that radio and say that they are mobile and enroute to the hospital. Get the ambulance at another house down the road RIGHT NOW. Take as many supplies as they can handle. Have him give street crossings along the route periodically as an update. Ask if he had an estimate of how many more there were.

    Start evac of the women and kids ASAP. Clothed and BOB's, anything that will fit. Get them on their way.

    Gag the terrorist. Then he will have to be put somewhere where he can't thrash or scream to be heard. Maybe the basement and surround him with matresses?

    Slap Bowman again. Seriously. But, this is the mindset of their training kicking in: get backup, get home.

    With the women and kids off, maybe one or two of the men, the house is closed and secure. There needs to be an understanding that those leaving cannot radio contact the house and cause noise. Take away Bowman's radio and turn it off. He may have to be handcuffed. :)

    1. this is the right tactic!

      get back on radio---going to hospital--or in to station w/ prisoner

      quickly set up defensive positions---who knows if there is time to flee---and safely---and what direction the terrorists could be coming from

      bug--in---work from strength---firepower, knowlege, surprise
      prep for welcome party--if it comes
      put ambulance on the road---or place it out of area but on main drag and torch it---more disinfo!

    2. Thanks. Worked within LEO and know that "Do what you need to do to get home" sometimes is overwhelming. Bowman didn't mean to do it, he just was trained that way. There's not a lot of time to explain to him the totality of the OPSEC. I love, love, love the idea of feeding him a sedative. He'll be pissed when he wakes up but he'll be quiet. With his injuries, who knows how helpful he would be.

      The disinfo is primary. Even if someone else takes over the radio. Explain that the change in voice is due to injuries (if necessary) because dispatchers know their guys' voices.

  12. AnonymousJuly 22, 2013

    I agree that the best thing to do now is to get Bowman on board to send a new transmission saying he and the terrorist are leaving the area. One idea is to have him say he is under attack from looters and having to move. Heck you could even fire a shot or two in the background as he is talking. Then follow through with making everyone (and the ambulance) not be visible in case the terrorist group comes to check the house anyway. You have no idea how long you have to be able to bug out and its doubtful you could get everything loaded and out with Bowman and the terrorist in your way. Just give them a reason to believe that the house should be empty and then make it that way. If possible get as many supplies moved to other houses as you can in case they try and burn the place but doubt they will want to attract that kind of attention or delay that much. I would not engage them unless you absolutely have to either as they are trained good enough to already beat trained police and look to have better fire power (and definitely more willing to die).

    Now if Bowman is to stupid to cooperate then just have Mike give him a sedative (tell him its antibiotics or something for his wounds) and then have Mike make the call saying Bowman is already down and he is having to move them both due to looters attacking.

  13. AnonymousJuly 22, 2013

    Things happen...

    What I like about this scenario is the number of absolute screw-ups that keep falling one after another! This is an example of Mr. Murphy having a perfect grip on the universe, most days. Because of this, this story seems real.

    The only thing I would suggest would be to remove officer Bowman & friend from their environment immediately (This is before he talks on his radio). This would not be a question, it would be put to him so he knows that he is leaving. One way or another, but he won't be here when the sun goes down. Take the ambulance please too. The enemy combatant does not enter my property either. Again, not an option to my buddy Mike or the officer to make a decision upon. My goal would be for my family (and by extension the family friends) to survive this and be able to thrive when it has passed. Anything that gets in the way of that goal will simply be eliminated.

    Some things just must be.

    Good read.


  14. Good grief! I am just reading it and it makes me tense! lol Great job!

  15. AnonymousJuly 23, 2013

    If the decision is not made to bug out now, at least move the terrorist to an abandoned home up the street and do everything possible to make their location look abandoned. Set up an ambush. Break out the water board NOW and try to find out all you can about who and how much they're up against...if there's time, that is !!

    This needs to be on TV...this absolutely smokes Revolution and if you'll excuse the borderline blasphemy, may be as good as (if not better than) Walking Dead...

    keep it comin !!

  16. A lot of stuff going on in a short amount of time. OPSEC and COMSEC are destroyed as of right now. Security is nonexistent. Due to the radio call from Officer Bowman the situation just turned critical. The house/ stronghold is compromised. Several decisions and actions need to be decided and undertaken in a short amount of time. Due to the masses on the roadways and traffic jams the group has about 20 minutes to prepare before contact. So what decisions do you make? What are the questions?

  17. AnonymousJuly 23, 2013

    I agree with others above that although Officer Bowman pulled a big boner in disclosing location over a compromised frequency, he was following his training by hunkering down and calling for backup. This situation is fluid; at most 36-48 hours old and humans who are trained to follow certain procedures will take a while before realizing that their training hasn't covered the situation that they are in now.

    Keep in mind that he doesn't know just how many souls will be in his care yet. I think Bowman should be invited into the house and introduced to all of his new charges. He may opt to let Mike retain command simply because he's overwhelmed.

    That said, Officer Bowman needs to either get on board, or get down the road.

    Yes there should be respect paid to his uniform and he should be included infuture plans...if he decides to drop the authoritarian attitude and realize that he's in over his head.

    From there the plan would be to protect the children and continue prepping for eventual bug out.

  18. AnonymousJuly 23, 2013

    Thought to simply drop a note of support for the author... keep up the good work. Well written and well edited!!! Thanks!

    - Texas Attorney

  19. AnonymousJuly 23, 2013

    This is a tough one for me. I'm a little out of my league. I do have a few thoughts after reading through others' suggestions, though. I guess one point of this exercise is to get people's opinions so you'd understand what sort of decisions "real people" might make in the situation. I certainly like thinking about situations I haven't yet, in order to mentally prepare for various circumstances. Well, here it goes:

    Just bugging out, just getting rid of terrorist, or just radioing in an alternate plan are not necessarily going to work individually. A combination of the three might work, though, but be quick about it! Good thing vehicles are already in place with some goods and a possible destination is available. Do they have maps of routes from the Rourke's to the property? Including alternate and back roads ones? Obviously they all know the way, but they probably always took the quickest route before, and it is likely impassible at this point, or at least it is an otherwise unintelligent decision.

    I think the radioing is a good idea, but that doesn't mean they won't check the house anyway, so you'll still need to bug out and NOT take the terrorist with you. I think of the terrorists as responding to training, too, so they may just follow the radio or not look for their comrad at all, but that doesn't mean that given some time they won't figure out to look at the house, too, if they are looking for him. Optimally, I'd send out an alternate plan over the radio and then send out the cop and terrorist in the ambulance, even if he doesn't follow the mentioned route for his own safety. I think a sudden change of plans on the radio might sound suspicious, even if you say he's in a life threatening situation. He would've been in a life threatening situation the whole time, so unless it was something unseen, like signs of internal bleeding, it wouldn't suddenly occur to you that he is in a life threatening situation. You could also say that he has gained consciousness and you wish to take him to a more secure facility. Those are just some suggestions from the laymen with slight experience in the medical field.

    In any case, I agree to get away from the terrorist physically, and try to deter his friends if possible. And staying home is no longer guaranteed safe.

    Looking at others' ideas, I'd get rid of the cop, too. Even if the cop ends up a victim of your plans, so be it. I can't imagine having to make such a decision, but I think you'd have to realize the possibility and make the decision anyway. It's him or your spouse, children, and friends. Although I give him some slack because of his training, I wouldn't expect him to just change all of a sudden, so I wouldn't give him the opportunity. My family and friends are more important than giving a stranger a chance. He'll still be likely to do as trained, and that includes being authoritative and relying on the system. In this case, although it may seem harsh to us now in our happy-go-lucky lives, I'd dump him ASAP. Like someone else said, I wouldn't ask; I'd tell. And for someone that mentioned showing him just how many lives he took in his hands, I'd say that's a bad idea if you're getting rid of him or giving him the chance to leave or stay. He could still be captured and you want as little as possible known to him. Even if he gets back to HQ or whatnot, he could tell other members of the inefficient gov't and such, that at this point still thinks it's better than you. I agree with the sentiment, though. I would be so angry at him, realizing just how much of a bad thing he had just done, and it would make me even angrier that he had no clue.

  20. I am back LOL ok Question #1 Bug in or bug out? as I stated earlier bugging out with all the masses of people and traffic jams is very dangerous right now in a vehicle. Walking to your secondary location is a 7 day hump with wounded and children and you will have to leave a large amount of resources and equipment behind. Bugging in is an option but as stated you are compromised. But you do have the home field advantage and all your resources. With the current situation it is best to bug in with a few surprises and twists. Question #2 Lay low and hide or fight? I would have Tex take 5minutes and hitch up his truck to his camper at the same time load the camper with as much food and supplies as you can in the time frame. Move the camper to the elderly couples house across the cul de sac facing outwards. Move the woman and children over there also they need to have security and hopefully a basement. For close quarters inside a residence a 12ga. with extended magazine is very effective. Question #3 The ambulance? As I stated earlier it needs stripped of all supplies and I would have Officer Bowman send out a radio call giving some misdirection. state being overrun by looters and heading towards the hosp with the prisoner. Move the ambulance out to the main road and run it off the road and leave it. Now officer Bowman can stay hidden near by it and wait for his buddies or stay and be incorporated into security. Question #4 Security and misdirection. button up the house and where the children are gag the suspect and make sure he is secured. move down the street and set up an ambush with the people you have your perimeter is going to be small pick a spot with clear fields of fire and observation.

  21. AnonymousJuly 24, 2013

    well everybody really seems to want movement and bugging out, I disagree I think we are very early on into this story yet for that. If this was to make a great tv series or movie then you can't do that by making idiots out of your target audience, or bore them with too much reality either, it's a fine line, and you are doing very well walking that line so far in my humble opinion. I say the police, military or who so ever is left in charge of assets in the vicinity of this situation would have had time since the "fake evac call" to get helicopters in the air after this incident, and it would be a pretty high priority to have the suspect in custody in order to extract intel on future movements and intentions of the combatant group. I am not a policeman and I am not a military person, I think that it definitely would take longer than 72 hours to be completely without air resources. all of the pilots did not go home and hide in prepped bunkers, many of them wanna be a hero, many of them would have been trained to stay on call, on site at base in a situation such as this, as a lot of helicopter businesses make a large load of money out of disaster situations, by being in the right place at the right time, they can send a very big invoice to the government to pay for their heroic assistance when this happens. I seriously agree the police and military would be in as much chaos as the hospital in a situation like this, with communications being sketchy and intel poor, multiple disaster sites to deal with and a headless a political system with no one at the reins. But I don't discount the initiative, experience and skills of a modern local policewoman or some other woman, say maybe single 29ish year old air traffic controller (stranded at work) who is listening in on radio and able to relay information long range or short to the appropriate people to organize action where action is required. Or even perhaps local helicopter company's office operator who mans (gossips behind) the radio, some woman with some serious nouse about her, (don't discount your female audience members by having all your characters as doting wives, highly religious wives at that, not every person who would be able to survive in a disaster situation is the same faith as you and nor are they all married or single or armed or etc, life forces the best out of some people and sometimes situations like these are a big catalyst, for seeing how resourceful,intelligent, caring, tolerant, helpful different kinds of people truly are, and this can by amazingly surprising as much as the opposite is true) so a female person has heard all the goings on and has dispatched the shizam. Everyone loves an excited cowboy helicopter pilot. and a shed full of xxxxx xxxx about to take a scenic flight tour near your location when all this went down, now stranded in a hanger somewhere listening in to the evolving radio situation decide to take things into their own hands and egg on the pilots to go and render assistance and minutes later overhead is heard the thump thump thump of the rotors of a Bell 222 twin engine helicopter normally used for scenic flights and executive transportation, a loud speaker attached underneath the chopper announces the young xxxx Pilot xxxx is here to render any assistance necessary, landing cowboy style without invitation in the drive or road out front, beckoning someone to come forward and speak with his co-pilot xxxx, who has already jumped out and is currently ripping a row of seats out if the back of the chopper and depositing them on the lawn. It's really not that far fetched, there are airports close to everyone nowadays and almost all of them have heli companies on site of some sort. you take it from here...

  22. AnonymousJuly 24, 2013

    maybe Barry has a mate who was a pilot and heli engineer in the Vietnam war but he can't fly legally anymore because of his PTSD and he has an old war era HUEY in a shed somewhere that he has been keeping shiny from the proceeds of his part ownership in the gun store and with his niece now using it to get flight time up for her pilots licence, maybe it's Barry, niece and his mate who appear instead.

  23. Get the women and kids out immediately. You may not have much time so have em grab BOBs, weapons and ammo. Since you don't know what direction the bad guys will come from getting on the road right now isn't a good idea. I'd send them through the woods towards the stashed vehicles and maybe hide out in the church or maybe another house out that way.

    If Bowman were in better shape, sending him out with the terrorist might be ok but in the shape he's in it'd be a death sentence most likely. He is in shock and basically running on autopilot. Getting the scumbag to authorities needs to happen but it'll have to wait until things cool down.

    I think getting back on the radio and saying the place is overrun with looters and they're heading out to find a safer place is a good idea. Then take the radio from him just in case. Break a few windows and kick a couple doors to make it more believable. Or you could "hide" the ambulance in a garage closer to the road and maybe the bad guys will think they switched vehicles to throw em off track.

    Although setting up an ambush may sound good, you have no idea how big a force might show up and they'll be expecting opposition so I doubt they'll just waltz in all nonchalant. The time for that will come when its unexpected. Have a couple of the men hide out in the woods well away from the house in case someone heads towards the others but do not engage unless you absolutely have no other choice. Be sure and cover any signs of going into the woods.

    Once things cool down and you're sure the bad guys are gone getting the terrorist to the police or military needs to be a priority. He could be invaluable to them.

  24. AnonymousJuly 24, 2013

    Happy Feet....

    I would not assume the following: 1. the enemy heard the radio message sent by officer Bowman, 2. the enemy is motivated to expose himself to recover an injured enemy, 3. the enemy is able to drop their mission requirements to recover and injured member of their team.

    Murphy works against everyone equally and the bad guys took hits too. Better to not get happy feet, stay tight and alert, improve your ambush capability, and for Gawd's sake! Remove the policeman and the terrorist from your environment!

    The officer's mission is to save the terrorist for interrogation, the families' mission is to survive with as little drama as is possible. Those missions are mutually exclusive. Send them packing.


    1. Would you really NOT assume they heard it if the lives of your family were on the line?

    2. AnonymousJuly 26, 2013

      NOT Assuming ?

      First, let me congratulate the author on a fun, educational narrative that is helping us think our way through a TEOTWAWKI event. Also, thank you for allowing us to comment and discuss the events. This contributes to learning on all sides. Now to your question:

      In real life situations it is very dangerous to assume anything. Experience has taught me to be careful before making a big operational leap such as this. I would ask myself the following of our team: Which is more dangerous, bolting out into the unknown or sitting tight. We know that there are bad things happening out in the immediate vicinity of this group's hide-away. We also know that, for the moment, they are relatively secure. I would not "assume" the likelihood of an organized attack upon their current locale is more dangerous than the "certainty" that dangerous events are happening just over the horizon, between them and their bug out location.

      As I said in my earlier post, we have no reason to "assume" the enemy is: 1. collected the information about the terrorist's current location, 2. is motivated to launch a rescue, 3. is capable of executing a rescue, or, 4. the enemy's mission allows them to task resources for a rescue.

      For purposes of the narrative, the author might make assumptions in order to get this group on the road and explore the circumstances that might exist in a movement. That works for me, I'm excited to read the next part of the story.

      Thank you!


    3. If you read my earlier post you'll see that I agree hitting the road isn't a good idea right now. I said they should hide out away from Jack's house.

      Somtimes in real life situations its just as dangerous to not assume something. You're dealing with an unknown number of terrorists who basically just handed the police their asses. You have minimal training in your group along with several women, children and wounded. What happens if you don't assume that Bowman was overheard, hunker down in place, and then 10 to 20 guys with automatic weapons show up to try and save their comrade or just to set up an ambush for the other cops that come to back up their fellow officer? Do you really want to chance puttting your family in that kind of situation? I sure wouldn't.

  25. AnonymousJuly 25, 2013

    I really like this e-book and can't wait for the next chapter. I do agree with those who want the cop and patient moved with a cover story. You must assume that the bad guys heard the original radio message with address, but you can't assume that they hear the cover story. This leads me to side with those who want to bug out. One final comment is that within a few hours of an EOTW event I would trust local government employees. They live with you and would want to protect their town. After time passes, I am not so sure.

  26. Here is what I think of the situation. You must Bug out. Even if you do spread disinformation about taking the terrorist to a hospital (putting the hospital in danger), they will still send a team to your home to mop up. You know too much. You must do this quickly. The terrorists seem more like military, and as such they will probably be able to track you. Get to the vehicles asap and get out of there. Tracking once in the vehicles will be difficult for the terrorists and they will probably quit their pursuit.

    The Cop has the Terrorist in his charge; thus he will not leave him. You must leave them both; how it is done is down to morality. I would make sure the terrorist is strapped down and tell the cop to look after the terrorist. Pack up and go. That's it.

  27. AnonymousJuly 26, 2013

    It may not be too late to recover the officer's error: Explain the situation and danger he just put them all in and have him follow up to dispatch over the radio that the suspect died or is in critical condition from his injuries and they are transporting the body to another location. Give enough detail to send the bad guys to the wrong location but not one where they could find and hurt others.

    Of course it's unlikely the bad guys will spend resources to go after a wounded fellow terrorist unless he's high in the groups leadership (in which case he's a good intel source and hostage if they get cornered by the bad guys).

  28. Hey, I hate to be the naysayer but does this story line make any sense to the rest of you? I was enjoying the story to this point but a modicum of realism is necessary to keep my attention. Ok... I have no problem with the bombs, it certainly is a possibility. Perhaps I could even accept the idea of a hacking of reverse 911, although I would guess that this is not a standardized system and so any hack would require thousand of local hacks. Thus already the story is stretching the limits of reality, but to premise a sleeper Islamic militia cell, particularly one operating in an area that you have described as remote and of no strategic importance??? Even if I could accept a sleeper cell what would they be doing out in the country side? Are you suggesting that their are so many of these cells that they are operating all over, of for the sake of the story line did you coincidentally place this cell essentially right on top of our protagonists.

    1. The area is not remote and of little strategic importance. It is the suburbs outside a midsize city. The terrorists were not necessarily a sleeper cell, and their numbers are still unknown.