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The Walking Dead Open Thread - Judge, Jury, Exectutioner

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From the title, I would guess that the group finally decides what to do with their prisoner in tonight's episode. Rick has had multiple chances to do what needs to be done, but he's wasted time, resources and put the group at risk while he thinks things over and tries to be the good guy.

Whatever their decision, there will be serious ramifications for the group to deal with.

Here's you're place to discuss tonight's episode--thoughts, feedback and whatever else! Do you agree with how things went down? What would you do differently?


  1. Dale was right about doing the right thing. However, that option was forfeited long ago when they were going to dump Randall down the road away from the from.

    He would never have been able to trust this group and would've sold his services/knowledge to whoever wanted it.

    Hindsight is brilliant, but they should've never saved him in town.

  2. I think Carl needs to put a lid on it and mind his own business. Nobody goes asking for his opinion and it seems whenever he opens his mouth something overly authoritative and out of place comes out. He is extremely outspoken for a kid. Rick was doing the right thing by going to terminate the threat, but then Carl has to but in and remind rick that his son isn't mentally with it. I would have the execution, but have it during the day,and have it with everybody present. so in either case, right or wrong, everybody takes responsibility for the action, being that their presence is testament to their endorsement.

    1. I agree everyone has to be a witness to the execution if, execution is what they agreed to. I would also have gotten more information from him and see if he had any specialties that he could contribute. If he does, exploit him, if he doesn't whack him gatta protect the tribe/clan.

      They have also have to get a recon team out to look for the other hostils.

      Ray Ray

  3. I'm disappointed about how Dale went out. He didn't go out as gruesome as he did in the comics, but he should have went out bigger than he did. I guess this means there will be no Hunter arc but we're still on track for a Governor arc.

  4. Slow episode with a big ending.

    Parental supervision for Carl, anyone? Actually an important job post-collapse. Carl is old enough to be given a job to do, even if it's helping out one of the adults, running messages and so on. Leave 'em to their own devices and they'll get into trouble.

    Dale went somewhere, after dark, alone. Not a good idea...as we saw. Post-collapse, especially in the zombieland, don't go roaming anywhere alone!

    Randall (kid) finally/inevitable escapes next week. There's two episodes left, so the finale will be the enemy gang rolling in and our heroes heading for the hills, leaving Hershel's farm for an uncertain future.

  5. I don't know if its just me, but as a prepper, I am really getting annoyed by all this soap opera drama. Since the first half season they have essentially abandoned talking about the reality of life in a post TEOTWAWKI world. There securities almost non-existent, they don't seemed to be interested in finding supplies, they are blissfully ignorant of their need for shelter, they have one child left who is left to roam around playing with flesh eating zombies, and in general everyone (especially me) is getting stir crazy because their "leaders" are more interested in saving people, killing people, or risking their own necks than actually leading. Hershel's place is amazingly stocked with all the necessities of life (except for drugs, liquor, and abortion pills) and everyone seems to be wafting around. How about some order? They need a division of labor, a clear plan for the community, and everyone needs to get to the business of surviving.

    Hopefully that's what will happen next week...

    As to the issue of the "kid," don't know why they saved him if they were going to shoot him, but Dale is right about one thing, the ends can't justify the means, not in a society that has any hope. If they want to put him to death, do so, but for a valid reason (like he attacked them in town) with verbal consent of at least a majority, and in public.

    Doing it in the barn in the middle of the night sends the message we are ashamed of what we are doing. And perhaps they should be...

  6. All valid points but no one addressed Dale going out ALONE by himself at NIGHT. Normally that wouldn't be a big issue, but he didn't keep his head on a swivel and got ambushed because of it. He also didn't tell anyone where he went. If he did, he might have gotten help before his insides were ripped out. He would have done well to have owned a pistol. His bolt action rifle slung over his shoulder didn't do him any good. Maybe if he had it "At the ready" he would have had a fighting chance.

    The group hasn't figured out basic camp security yet. Between two cops and a skinhead you'd think they would have built a fence or parked their cars in a circle around the house to set up a perimeter. It seems that day watch a top Dales RV is inconsistent at best. I don't even think they have a night watch.

    They're sleeping in tents for F*ck sake. What are they thinking? They need to armor up their housing. They are just asking to be eaten while asleep.

  7. Venezuelan SurvivalistMarch 05, 2012

    Good episode, a little slow but with a great ending. When Dale got killed it reminded me a lot of the lords of the flies novel, when Piggy (who represented the voice of reason and civilization) gets killed, anybody else?.

    I think next weeks episode will be a lot of talking about how dale died and eventually the prisoner is going to escape. This show is great entertainment, but if your looking to learn something useful in terms of survivalism, dont. They got zero organization, everybody is doing what they feel like doing whenever they feel like doing it.

    Rick character is slowly evolving into a more capable leader, but it still annoys me that they take so long to make a simple decision. As for Carl, im starting to dislike the character, he's always either getting into trouble, or causing them, he needs a lot of supervision and teaching (what kid doesn't?).

    Finally, how come Darryl didn't realize the gun missing from he's bike bag?, If I was in the scenario where this guys are I would be having my guns either on me or with someone who really needed it (like Dale) but that's just me.

    Anyway great show, and great blog.

    1. I would sure notice if that gun went missing...looked like a nice one.

  8. A meh episode that awesome in the end :D

    1 - I gotta say that Hershel is the BEST DAD EVAH, ''take this before I change my mind'' :D

    2 - I enjoyed Daryl beating the hell out of our young rapist, and I think that in a survival situation in which there is a risk of being overrun by a gang biker rapists, maybe people like Dale should shut the hell up.

    The women have a stake because they can raped, the Korean kid, Shane, and Rick have women who can be raped, Hershel have a daughter who can be raped, and if we can take this inferno territory the Korean kid and Carl can also be raped ... and we get the only guy who have no stake, Dale, to mouth niceties ?

    Earth to Dale : They got automatic weapons, they are 30 of them, they are going to rape the women.

    Even Dale analysis of Randal intentions are dumb, sure there is no proof that He might betray them, except that people prefer to be Lions in Hell than sheep in paradise. Does He really think that Randal would stay all this time with no sex, and have no idea that maybe betraying them wouldn't be such a bad idea if He rape Maggie or Andrea has a reward ?

    What the Hell is wrong with this old fart =Rant out = breath ... breath ...

    3- Could someone please beat the hell out of Carl already ? I am not an American, so I don't care about your lax culture of parenting, but in my country we smack kids who do such idiotic things.

    4- Why they killed Dale already ? I wanted that scene in which Shane stare at the idiot as the farm is getting overrun by the gang ... maybe even a punch on the face. ^_^

    5- After watching ''The Road'', I think that Americans have the balls to put cannibalism on screen, so maybe we are going to get a hunters arc with a different victim ?

    I was starting to get disappointing, but the show still manage to be good.

  9. That was a great ending, the kid's mistake will cause some major decisions being made. I thought that the zombie would turn out to be Otis. My daughter wondered if 'Zombie Cow' would become reality, lol.

  10. I enjoy every episode, but I agree with the poster here that wants to know why they're so lazy about their own security.

    My thoughts on Carl are along the same lines as everyone else. My take on why Rick didn't kill the prisoner has nothing to do with Carl being there, but I believe it has more to do with proving that Dale was right. If a young boy is acting so cold and ruthless, then there's a clear point that humanity is falling apart.

    Regardless, I would have taken out the prisoner. Maybe close the barn door next time?

  11. Well, this crap should have never happened. If you are going to execute the kid for shooting at you WHY SAVE HIS ASS IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!! Should have left him for the zombies. They could still have the arc where the biker gang finds them. Yes , Yes , Yes they need to get some security set up for EVERYTHING!!! And get your best resource out there doing some recon for the biker gang, Daryl needs to find out where , how many and exactly what they are up to . He even has the skills to just walk up and join them for a few days then disappear. And it looks like they just need to lock carl up somewhere, it appears if he is going crazy with all the shit he has been through and it going to probably cost them more lives. So you people that have read the comics or graphic novels how close are they following them without giving away anything.

    1. A new Daryl episode would have been badass, so it would have been great if they had killed Randal and had Daryl join the MZB's.

  12. RomeroNJulietMarch 05, 2012

    I enjoyed the content of this episode. As a non-Christian, Dale's statements about Right and Wrong ring true for me. I believe in society and civilization, and I believe that the killing of humans should not be undertaken lightly. Personally, I would have wanted more evidence of Randal's involvement in the confrontation at the bar. Did he have a gun on him? Had it been fired recently? The evidence of his participation in the rape is non-existent, and he cannot be proven guilty there.

    The exchange between Carl and Randal is particularly damning, in my opinion, since he was suggesting that the boy help him escape back to his group. If he had really been an "innocent follower," why not beg Carl to talk to Rick on his behalf. That Randal wanted to lead Carl and his parents back to his group of 30 speaks volumes about his intention to return to that group and overwhelm our main characters. I don't feel he could be trusted, but blindfolding him and cocking your revolver is essentially torture, just like having Daryl beat information out of the kid. I agree with the other poster, present the evidence, take a vote (yea, nay, abstaining) and conduct the execution quickly and in full view of the entire group.

    Oh, and get out of the @#$%ING tent! I'm with Rick, convert the barn into a mini-stronghold. Secure the first floor for day-to-day tasks and storage, sleep on the upper level with a retractable ladder. They even have a handy second story escape route. Post security on the roof, dig some tiger traps with sharpened stakes in the bottom. Not the best bunker, but far better than a nylon tent!

  13. I agree with comments related to lack of security concerns around the camp also about comments on the poor job they do on supervising Carl (although I don't know about smacking ....).

    On the Randall issue, some of the comments here and their attitude in the movie remind me of how people change depending on the situation. In good times most of the people are caring, compassionate and polite but in crisis situation they change completely. The nice neighbor might turn into a different animal in a teotwawki scenario.

    with Randall, now that they made the effort to save him it's stupid to kill him. It was also stupid to beat him and treat him like a criminal. After all he was in that group and that group was in a fight with Rick's group, how was he supposed to know they were good guys and not shooting at them. And actually as it turned out they weren't such good guys anyways. If they would have acted like civilized people from the beginning they would have had a good chance to turn him into one of their own. It might still be time to do that but they have to completely change their attitude towards him. Also he went to school with the girls so she might have known him but nobody asked her. I think a good approach at this point would be to try to integrate him and set him under double supervision, gradually giving him a false idea that he is being trusted, loosen up on the supervision and see how he reacts. If he tries to run they would have their justification to kill him, at least they gave him another chance.

    In "the road" movie there was a strong point being made by the boy that they were "the good guys" and they should act like that, carry the light and so on. I liked that idea. I think it's very important. What's the point in surviving and protecting your loved ones if you turn them and yourself to the dark side. We're not immortals, we are all going to die anyways sooner or later, what is important is what we do while we are still alive. That was dale's point and that's why Rick didn't kill the guy.

  14. If you remember, Randall was shooting at them from the roof before he fell. Should have been shot then and there. Rick tried to let randal go, but he knew Maggie and probably the location of the farm. Again, end it then. The show is dragging out things to make it more dramatic. I think they should move it back to the comic story line more. What do these people do most? They go off by themselves and get hurt. Daryl fell on an arrow, Lori wrecked her car, ECt. Rick can't make easy decisions, shoot the kid, they were trying to kill you and he has friends who want to rape and kill our party. Seems very easy

  15. complete rubbish

  16. Randal should have been left impaled on the fence. Once the decision to save him happened, the "moral/ethical" thing would have been to follow Dale's advice. Don't imagine the women would feel morally superior while being raped though. Had they had a clue, Randal would have acted as a diversion while they got away instead of almost getting everyone killed.

    I've long wondered why they aren't collecting guns/ammo along the way. At a military base, and no one picks up an M16 or a five ton truck?

    My wife was practically screaming about the lack of supervision for Carl (and the "give him a job" comment was made several times). I tried to remind her the reason they were doing things like this was because it was in the script. :D

    They should secure the perimeter, build housing and store food for winter. Act like ants, not grasshoppers...


    1. I wondered that too... way back in Atlanta or the CDC there were dead soldiers everywhere... pick up some assault rifles, and truck loads of ammo. Okay, maybe others beat them to it but I bet there would be plenty of casualties with weapons strewn all over the city.

      Being a TV show, and with the current luxury of watching this with a beer and chips, it does seem easy to say, shoot the kid and move on. I see myself making that choice too. However, I am sure that while rationalising the shooting of zombies (easy) and armed thugs (still easy), executing a young man begging for his life is another step up. While I still think it would be a step I would take, I can see the show build some real moral conflict here. Not everyone would be dead keen on executions, particularly moral upstanding cops.

  17. For the most part, these people are proving themselves to be so freaking stupid and incompetent that I almost find myself hoping for the zombies, or roving gang, to put them out of their (or my) misery.

    Seriously. On the whole, could they show any worse judgement on almost all issues?

  18. Here's an idea for a future post - what would any of us do if each of us were in the THE WALKING DEAD? You are ALONE and ON FOOT, walking a very long distance (couple hundred miles?) and have to avoid zombies. What are your strategies for staying alive? What would you carry (and why)?

    Bet a lot of interesting comments and learning would occur there.

  19. On foot - shoes are comfortable for 40-50km in a single outing, but after that (or before), you will typically badly blister, lose toe nails etc. unless you frequently lubricate and/or tape your feet. Some serious foot care products should be in your first aid kit if you are to be prepared for walking. Also, if you're planning on crossing wet terrain or water crossings, make sure you have plenty of socks, tape and free draining shoes (not waterproof shoes - they make you sweat faster and keep moisture in, thus increasing blistering). Just some tips for those of you who may not have walked more than 20km in a go but want to be ready to.

  20. Liked this episode, other than why wasn't Daryl carrying his pistol. They should have left Randall on the fence as penalty for shooting at them. I came to agree with Dale. Why nurse Randall back to health only to execute him for something he might do? I'm curious to see who will replace Dale and give the group its moral ballast, and who's going to check Carl's little attitude.

  21. Something's up with the Zombie disease....remember the two dead cops in the fenced in area. No bite marks or scratches, this virus may have morphed into something more contagious in nature. Possibly spread through food or water...even blood contact. It will come up again. And Daryl will notice the missing gun when he needs it the most. I was getting tired of Dale's self righteousness and piety. He was a soft man who dealt with difficult issues like a little girl. And, the dumb bastard should have had a sidearm designed for close combat not that scoped rifle slung across his shoulder. The group is better off without his constant whining and waxing poetic. Sorry, just no room for the soft and weak in that type situation. Good riddance.

  22. Here's a thought - maybe they're going to keep Hershel around longer and decided the group could only handle one older "father figure" at a time?

    1. Make sense, especially since the actor playing Hershel is more solid and He can handle action scenes too.