> TEOTWAWKI Blog: Friday Open Thread - What have you done this week to prepare?



Friday Open Thread - What have you done this week to prepare?

Fairly hectic/busy week for me this week with work, so a bit less
  • Bought another EDC knife - the Spyderco P'kal is a great knife, but the small, thin, curved blade isn't the best for some tasks. I needed an alternative and went with an Emerson. I'll have a post up on it soon.
  • Used some paint remover to try to remove the paint finish from altoid tins. Didn't work very well - figure I'm better off just painting over it or sanding it off. Not any real reason beyond aesthetics.
  • Bought a package of contractor grade garbage bags; strategically disbursing them into kits and bags.
  • Sharpened some of my knives with varying success. Good steel makes a difference.
  • Did some cleaning/organizing of gear
  • Went to the range with TEOTWAWKI Wife. It's been a while for her, but she's still a good shot.
  • Found a flashlight that had been lost.
  • Finished an audio book on WWII - the Storm of War - it's a pretty exceptional read through that truly horrible time in world history. WWII was literally TEOTWAWKI for Europe and there is a lot to be learned from. The best strategy for survival was to bug out long before the bullets started flying. Also a fascinating look into Hitler's strategic failures and how things could have turned out differently. Thumbs up.
What have you guys been up to?