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Warzone U.K.: Riots and Looting in London

While the global economy has been in meltdown mode, there's been three days of horrible riots/looting in London and elsewhere in the U.K.. Here's some bullet points:
  • Rioting apparently started after police shot and killed a 29-year old man during a gun fight. Yep, the guy was armed and shooting at police. Criminals will never learn to follow gun laws, will they?
  • Rioting (shockingly) has been mostly present in "economically challenged, mixed-race areas that have sometimes been plagued by high unemployment and tensions with police"
  • Limited to looting, destroying, burning and mugging people on the streets. Not hearing about murders or mass assaults...
  • Lots of it looks to be opportunistic thievery--they're hitting higher value, consumer goods type stores.
  • Rioters/looters are using smart phones and social media to coordinate and organize
  • Rioters are wearing masks, hoods to conceal their identities from the ever-present CCTV cameras.
  • Weapons include bats, pipes, and thrown bottles, but there's been at least one shooting. Gun laws succeed again.
  • Looks like there are some pretty serious fires going on, with authorities having trouble responding. Fires go hand-in-hand with urban unrest and disaster. 
  • Citizens are also left to improvise what they can to defend themselves. Here's a good quote from WSJ "Some Londoners appeared to be fighting back. Several people took to the streets to berate rioters while a group of restaurant and shop owners in Dalston, a mainly Turkish part of east London, armed themselves with pool cues and other make-shift arms and chased off a group of some 15 black youths."
I would not want to be trapped in London right now, with little more than a pool cue or kitchen knife to defend my home and family from roving mobs of angry youths. If you're in a situation where defense is next to impossible, your best option is to run/bug out. A strategically timed exit is a wise course of action.

Looks like the rioting is continuing, but possibly has peaked. The Prime Minister and parliament had to cut their vacays short (heavens!) to return and deal with the problem, and they're basically tripling the police they have on street.

Any readers in the U.K., chime in with what you're seeing/hearing/thinking. 

The WSJ has a good recap of what's going down, as well as some good footage of riot police with attack dogs chasing people around. I need to add a German Shepherd to my preps.